Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Way Depot

My Way Depot Sundae and Candy Shop~

This is a little hidden Gem in Manistee, Michigan!! It's not on the main strip, but I have driven past it tons of times.But I had never been inside till this past Sunday!! And wow!!! AMAZING!!! For $5.50 I got a HUGE Banana Boat with 3 different kinds of ice cream, that I got to pick. I wish I could remember what I choose, they were GREAT!!! Not only do they have ice cream but they have Candy for cheap and Wide Variety of Jelly Belly and Salt Water Taffy. and Yes They have a facebook page. So if you live in Manistee or are planning a trip or going through, Stop in at My Way Depot :)

Prices and Sizes
The Outside of My Way Depot
Put a pin where you live

Great Time and look forward to going back!!!

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