Sunday, May 13, 2012

1st mother's day

Montgomery and I were downstate at my moms for mother's day. Montgomery got me a MOM necklace and a happy 1st mothers day card.

Jared, Cara and I made dinner for our mom, Roast, corn on the cob, and garlic toast. Mom opened up her gifts and then I opened my card and gift from my parents: a swing for Montgomery :)

I am so amazed everyday that this little guy made me a mom, It is truly an honor. Everyday is a blessing watching him grow up, hoping I am doing things right. I am his mama and he is my son. Montgomery and I are on this incredible journey through life and we hope you will continue to read our blog and travel through it with us.

Friday, May 11, 2012

5 weeks

5 weeks : 5/4-5/11
diapers: size 1, we are not fussy on brand, so far we have tried, huggies, pampers and the Walmart brand.
clothes: only a couple newborns still fit :( this makes mama sad. 0-3, 3, and 3-6
weight: 11# 6 1/2 ounce
you met Floyd 5/6 we had lunch at arbys
you met breeze 5/7
your favorite songs: who put the bop in the bop shu bop :) Jesus Loves me, and mama's gunna buy you...
You had your 1 month doctors appt. You are HEALTHY!!
you had a shot and screamed and turned BLOOD RED
you had your 1st real babysitter for 2 hours: Shelby, so mama could go to job interview
1st PARADE: Volksparade 5/9
2nd Parade: Kinderparade 5/10
met Kylea 5/11
 CRAZY HORSE 5/9 with Nana and "Grandma" Cindy

1st vacation:being gone longer than 1 night: Nana and Papa's 

4 weeks old

4 weeks old: 4-27-5/4
Weight: 10 # 10
length: 21 inches long
diapers: size 1
clothes: very few newborn, he wears 0-3, 3, and some 3-6
shoes: 0, 1 and 2
met great nana and great papa 5/2
laugh in sleep 5/4
songs: Jesus loves me
took your 1st tulip time photos
You spit and swallow like your daddy
you tuck your bottom lip in when sad
Auntie Cara came to visit us.
your first pair of wooden shoes are American girl doll size
We enjoyed our 1st walk to Copeyon park 5/1
you met Stacey 5/1
You still have you pterodactyl cry
you hate to be naked
you wore your first pair of shorts 5/3
you still have baby acne/white heads
your eyes are open all the time

you love to look around and see everything
you are a GOOD BABY!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012



Wednesday: May 9th, Montgomery and I headed to Holland, Michigan for the Tulip Time Festival, but due to Mother Nature, Its now being called Stem~fest :) There are NO TULIPS left. It's so sad.
Montgomery's 1st TULIP TIME
 Little Man did AWESOME...
Had to get a photo of the baby and the STEMS

Tulip Time Photos

We went to take photos a week before tulip time... due to the fact that the weather had been so warm, the tulips were not going to make it to tulip time week.
 Dirk and Millie
 1st pair of Wooden Shoes

 My baby boy
 Mommy and Montgomery
 I had to feed him here :)
Gina & Millie, Dirk & Mom, Montgomery and Me