Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

Montgomery had gotten pumpkins from his grandpa millers garden. The pumpkins we used for his 18 month photos!!! And finally decided to carve them on Tuesday Night before Halloween 10/29.
What a fun night! We had pizza and carved pumpkins!!!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Christmas is October

My grandparents go to Florida in October!!! And they are gone till May! So we celebrate Christmas before they leave!!! So Christmas was tonight!!! 10/27
The great grand kids get stockings and gifts!!!!
Montgomery loved opening his gifts!!
Then we played "minute to win it" (congrats to winner: Cara)( I came in 2nd)
And it was grandpas birthday!!!
What an amazing night!!! We love you grandpa & Grandma!! (Great papa & great Nana) see you for Tulip Time!!!


We had Montgomery's 18 month photos taken by my friends Brandon and joy!!! And today while they were editing, this was messaged to me via Facebook!!! Too funny and made me giggle, so enjoy!!!


Our small town does a downtown trick-or-treating, on the Saturday before Halloween!!!
Audrey and Montgomery 
I found this costume at a second hand store, downstate for $3. The only thing I did to the costume was hot glue the ear piece to the hat, which was too big, but works with a winter hat underneath. He is also wearing tons of layers under his costume and blue gloves.
Mommy and Montgomery 
Daddy came along!!! Saturdays are Montgomery and daddy day!!! But I really wanted to take him to this event, so chuck brought him home, I changed him and then took him downtown!!! 
We got candy from praticipating stores!!!
Windy and sunny, cold day!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Millie's 4th birthday party and I forgot my phone and camera. Montgomery was jealous of me holding Lottie!!!

1/2 birthday

Happy 1/2 birthday baby boy!!! Your 18 months old already!!! I love you to pieces!!! We made dessert and added candles!!! I love you Montgomery Gene!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

11th tooth


It's finally 10-4 and my little brother is  marrying my best friend!!! I'm the maid-of-honor and Montgomery is the ring bearer!! 
Our day started off by doing my hair, then Meagan and Gina came to moms at 11 to do their hair and Millie's. 
Then off to the ballroom to do makeup and get dressed!!!
I should have dressed Montgomery first because while getting him dressed I kneeled in cheese :( so I had to wash my dress in two different spots due to grease. But all is good! I don't think anyone will notice!!!
We took a million photos!!! (Here's a few I took)
And.... One I snagged off Facebook...
One Grma Cindy took of my handsome little man
And here are some from our funicular ride up to the treehouse for photos...

Then it Was wedding time: Rizzy and I walked down the aisle, handed Montgomery off to Craig and fingers crossed that he would do what he was suppose to do. & guess what?!?  He did it!!! No pillow, but he walked down the aisle (no Millie) all by himself :) I'm so proud of my baby!!!!
My cousin Alicia came to pick up Montgomery...
It was party bus time. 

Then the wedding party returned and we headed up the funicular...
We were introduced, and sat to eat, then time for my maid-of-honor speech
I think my speech went good!!! 
( thanks for the photos Chloe)
On to the first dance, by this time is when I realize that my camera is still attached to the stroller, which left with my son :( so I guess iPhone will have to work all night.
It was an Amazing night!


We changed into our fancy dudes and it was time for rehearsal. First the ball room and it went well. 
Montgomery threw the pillow down the aisle, so we will see how it goes tomorrow. Fingers crossed, that he will walk down the aisle. We then headed over to the BOB for a wonderful dinner!!!
 What an amazing dinner, meatloaf, chicken, ceasar salad, yummy redskin mashed potatoes, and rolls!
Then there was an ice cream bar!!! 
Cara and I, her last night as a single woman and with all her girls
While downtown GR we got to see some Artprize stuff!!! Two right by the BOB were "the hand" and "fire dragon"


Since we had to be downstate on Thursday 10/3 for rehearsal.... (My little brother is getting married on Friday) I decided to take  Montgomery to the zoo, John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids!! He loved the aquarium, the petting area and the new play area!!! It was a hot and humid day for October!!! We brought our lunch to the zoo and ate it up by the wooden train and ropes coarse!!!
We walked up to the treehouse: where the reception is tomorrow and were amazed at how awesome it was:
We then walked down: literally 100 steps To get down to the fountain: which is closed for the season: total bummer!!!
Towards the end it was time for a snack!! I grabbed a pop and montgonery ate his applesauce and pudding.
And then we played on the playground by the zoo!!!!!

It's almost time for rehearsal.......