Thursday, October 24, 2013


It's finally 10-4 and my little brother is  marrying my best friend!!! I'm the maid-of-honor and Montgomery is the ring bearer!! 
Our day started off by doing my hair, then Meagan and Gina came to moms at 11 to do their hair and Millie's. 
Then off to the ballroom to do makeup and get dressed!!!
I should have dressed Montgomery first because while getting him dressed I kneeled in cheese :( so I had to wash my dress in two different spots due to grease. But all is good! I don't think anyone will notice!!!
We took a million photos!!! (Here's a few I took)
And.... One I snagged off Facebook...
One Grma Cindy took of my handsome little man
And here are some from our funicular ride up to the treehouse for photos...

Then it Was wedding time: Rizzy and I walked down the aisle, handed Montgomery off to Craig and fingers crossed that he would do what he was suppose to do. & guess what?!?  He did it!!! No pillow, but he walked down the aisle (no Millie) all by himself :) I'm so proud of my baby!!!!
My cousin Alicia came to pick up Montgomery...
It was party bus time. 

Then the wedding party returned and we headed up the funicular...
We were introduced, and sat to eat, then time for my maid-of-honor speech
I think my speech went good!!! 
( thanks for the photos Chloe)
On to the first dance, by this time is when I realize that my camera is still attached to the stroller, which left with my son :( so I guess iPhone will have to work all night.
It was an Amazing night!

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