Thursday, October 24, 2013


Since we had to be downstate on Thursday 10/3 for rehearsal.... (My little brother is getting married on Friday) I decided to take  Montgomery to the zoo, John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids!! He loved the aquarium, the petting area and the new play area!!! It was a hot and humid day for October!!! We brought our lunch to the zoo and ate it up by the wooden train and ropes coarse!!!
We walked up to the treehouse: where the reception is tomorrow and were amazed at how awesome it was:
We then walked down: literally 100 steps To get down to the fountain: which is closed for the season: total bummer!!!
Towards the end it was time for a snack!! I grabbed a pop and montgonery ate his applesauce and pudding.
And then we played on the playground by the zoo!!!!!

It's almost time for rehearsal.......

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