Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Friday..... We went to Scott & Nicole's to see their new house, had pork steaks on the grill...
Then went back to Bobby's!!!!

Saturday Shanna and I went out for girls night!!! What a fun night!!
Sunday after work I headed to Bobby's!!! Montgomery stayed at his daddy's all weekend and I picked him up on Monday. 

I watched tori on Monday and then we all had spaghetti :)

Our week (so far)

Sunday I got Montgomery back from his daddy's and Toriann came home from her grandparents.... So we made chicken and watched Frozen
Monday, we went to the beach (federal park).....
Tuesday we chilled at home, had a long day at work....
Wednesday.... We went to Bobby's cousins house for dinner

Thursday..... We are cherries that Avonlea picked!!! Yummy!!!!!
I'm super excited to sleep in tomorrow!!!! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bon Fire

Saturday Night was amazing!!!! Bobby and I spent the evening with no kids, just the two of us. We had pizza, and a bon fire.....


Friday on the way to daycare....
Then it was off to daddy's for the weekend....
Mama loves you and will miss you, but I know you will have a blast!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Chloe's Bridal Shower 7/17. I traveled downstate by myself :) what an amazing  night with great woman! My mom did a fantastic job on the western theme!!!


Wednesday, we did laundry, played at the Library and then went to Bobby's house. Montgomery and Toriann played and we grilled hotdogs!!! Fun DAY!!!

"Full" Haircut

First Full haircut!!!! We were at Lily's house giving her boys haircuts and Montgomery wanted to get up in the chair and get his haircut!!! So I trimmed his hair.... First full haircut, 2nd haircut in his life!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I only had to stop at work for a few hours and then off to the beach we went, we took toys, a ball, beach chair, towels and swimmies, & we sure didn't forget the SPF50.... we had an amazing day!!!!

Montgomery got to pick out a bug juice and chips (he choose funonions)

then we walked the breakwall ~~~~ he can make the whole 1/2 mile out, but coming back in he still needs to be carried part of the way!!!
it was a perfect beach day!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Peacemaker & FNL

Went to tour the Peacemaker ship, that docked here in Ludington!

Then we headed down to Friday Night Live (FNL) this is our 3rd summer in Ludington, and this is so much fun, the close 10/Ludington Avenue down and all the locals and visitors flock to do fun/free things!!! We had walking tacos for dinner!

Looks like he had a fun night!!!!! I know I sure did!!!!