Sunday, September 21, 2014


Well after a long weekend, I ended up sick.... Relaxed, watched the Lions and the Nascar Race! And a quick trip to kmart for a few clearance things for his stocking!!!! 
Montgomery had a blast at his daddy's this weekend!!!!
Like father, like son!!!!


.....and just as I think life is perfect... Another curve ball. Not something I wanna blog about, but I'm so sick of certain things, certain actions people have. Make up your mind, don't lead people on..... (Rant over) but anyway Saturday was awkard, but made the best of it with fun people...
Wish I had some better pictures.... I bought new boots and wore my skinny jeans!!! Had a blast!!!

Friday night

Friday my plans changed!!! So shay and I headed out!!!
..... And just like that life is blessed and amazing again!!!! Still putting one foot  in front of the other!!!!! Happy Friday y'all

Pink penguin pajamas

We headed out to A & W for dinner, then went to bobby and shays! Montgomery was coughing and coughing, so we headed into the ER... Just an asthma attack!!! And everyone loved his pink penguin pajamas!!! (We borrowed from nevaeh) : the nurse walked in and was like " how is he feeling, oops, she??" Too funny!!!!


Wednesday, we went out and had to stop at casino!!! Got Montgomery a new stuffed puppy and a gift for shay!!!!
Love this photo of me and little man!!!


Happy Birthday Shay!!!! A woman who I call friend, and is just like a sister!!! We are so different, yet so alike!!! We headed out for a great night!!!!!
Sorry for the cheesy clip art---- but love the photo!!!


Monday we picked the garden!!!! And made breakfast

Birthday parties!!!

Sunday we drove downstate for miss Lottie da's 1 st birthday party!!!
Then we went to Bobby's because it was Tori's 5th birthday!!!! Busy day but fun!!!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to an amazing nana and mom!!!! We love you!!!
2012, 2013,& 2014


Montgomery love the Tigers ---- DETROIT TIGERS!!!!! 

Pizza Hut for dinner with Chuck!!!

Star Wars

Trying to stay busy as the weather get colder.... We played at Lindsey & Lennox's.....


My friend Shayna & her daughter nevaeh asked us for dinner to ponderosa {kids 3 and under, eat FREE} so we went for dinner!!!!
Then took a selfie
Trying to still lose about 20-30 more pounds!!!! But I'm feeling very confident about how I dress and look!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Train Bridge

The train bridge isnin Manistee, chuck has been fishing there for awhile jow, me for the past 5 years, and Montgomery it's his 1st year!!!!
2010 top photo, 2014 bottom 
And with mama!!!!!!
Montgomery is great at reeling in his fishing pole and gets super excited about his fake fishie on the end!!!

Family Pictures 2014

What an amazing day for family photos!!! They turned out great :)

Monday, September 8, 2014


New Jersey for Detroit Lions!!!! 
Monday Night Football!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Good & Bad

This week has been good and bad, up and down, laughter & tears!!! 

It started with Wednesday with bad: locking my keys in my car!
And good: Montgomery starting 2 year old preschool...
Last year in 1 year old preschool we did A-P. 
& another good: had a great time at federal park, Lake Michigan is now finally warm enough to swim in :)
Thursday: bad: my iPhone crashed to my bathroom floor and now only works when plugged in.
Good: lunch with an amazing friend, who also watched Montgomery at the Library on short notice!

Friday: not so good: missing my little man for the weekend.
And good: got to be me, hung out with a good friend:
Saturday: bad: sick of bullshit & drama
And good: I've lost weight, and feel great about how I'm looking in clothes:
So here's to a NEW WEEK!!!! 
Some are better than others and this I'm going to try like hell to make a great week!