Thursday, June 30, 2011

#1 Manistee County Historical Museum: The Waterworks Building 1881

take a walk through history!!!
CWM3 and I have decided that when I am in Manistee,
We will see one of the places listed in this book.

A visit to beautiful Manistee County will take you back in time.
You will be swept away to an era where logging, agriculture and the railroad were key elements in developing this great land. Our museums are full of intriguing information and artifacts about the people, places and industries that helped carve out this fascinating and unique area of northwest Michigan. The struggles and triumphs of these early settlers can be felt throughout the area as you explore our museums and view the landscape where they first set foot. In 1851, the population of Manistee County was only about 200 people. The major industry was lumber and the only settlements included those at the mouth of the river around each of the mills and Old Stronach. As more and more mills were built and additional workers were needed, population increased rapidly. In 1871, on the same day as the Great Chicago Fire, Manistee experienced a fire as well. Over half the city burned and left approximately 1,000 people without homes. At that point, many of the Lumber Barons’ had amassed their fortune and hired foremost architects of the day to design ornate Victorian homes and public buildings, many of which remain to this day.

Our 1st stop:

The Manistee County Historical Museum~ The Waterworks Building 1881

540 First St, Manistee
Preserved as the county’s first historical
museum, this building now houses
logging, railroad, and marine exhibits
and memorabilia of Manistee in the
19th century. Open 10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Tues. - Sat. late June thru August.

It wasn't open, but that was ok. It is a beautiful building and I got great photos!

Monday, June 27, 2011


6/19: Father's Day
All of us went to mom and dad's and had cheeseburgers on the grill and opened presents

...and I thought I'd include this one of my sister and her daughter.

I headed to Manistee. CWM3 and I stayed at LRCR & Went to the Riverwalk

6/24 Took kids to Lakes Mall

6/25 Ryan & Brandi's Wedding in Boon, Michigan

12 days of Christmas and weekends at the Cottage

I am from a town I can point to on my hand, from Heinz pickles and Lake Michigan.
I am from the cul-de-sac with friendly neighbors, and a pool with a slide.
I am from the Tulip, and the Apple Blossom.
I am from the 12 days of Christmas and weekends at the Cottage and trailer, themed birthday parties with homemade cake and matching easter outfits.

I am from Boats on the Lake, Skiing the Slopes, Campfires at the Campgrounds, snowmobiling the trails, and Roger’s Department Store.
From Dutch Dance Costumes and pink sponge rollers on Saturday Nights, Cricket and Barbie Dolls.
I am from Calvary, and Drenthe CRC, Baptism and Profession of Faith, Gems and Young People’s.
I'm from windmill cookies, casseroles, and Grandma’s Famous bonket.
From the perms at my aunt’s house, the easter egg hunts, and Family Vacations.

I am from one mom, two dads, 3 sets of grand-parents, tons of aunts & uncles, from one sister, one brother, and cousins galore.

Found this over at designer her mama

Get your own template here.

If you write one up, would you please share it with me?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Whats 4 LUNCH???

So it's nothing fancy ~

but the kids gotta eat lunch!!

and these are my favorite plates.

Fill all 3 spots and ta~da; LUNCH.

Cars Mac & Cheese, grapes and string cheese {above}

Yellow: kids ravioli, peaches, white cheddar crackers

green: spag & meatballs, peaches, bread & butter

Chef BOYARDEE rice with chicken & veg's, goldfish and brownie

Spag Alphabet, peaches and ketchup chips

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!


to 2 special Men in my life.

{Gene Kraai & Todd VanOrder}

Daddy Gene is my Birth Father who loved me and cared for me until God decided to take him home in 1986. I remember my last birthday when he was alive. My mom made this Balloon cake with 4 different color balloons: One for his birthday {6/9}, One for my birthday {6/11}, One for my grandparents anniversary {6/10}, and one for Father's Day!! I love you and Miss You!

Dad became my father when he married my mom and legally adopted me and my sister. I remember the wedding, it was at the church we attended which was just down the road from my grandparents house, so me and my sister got to play at grandma's. I cannot remember the date we got adopted, but I remember we had a little party at Chuck E Cheese. My Dad and Mom went on to also have there own child, my brother. My mom still remembers a friend of mine asking if jared was my 1/2 brother. A term we were unfimalliar with. {He is my brother.} I am very greatful that Todd stepped in to my life, I may not give him the credit he deserves, so I'll take a minute to say I Love you DAD!!!! {Thank-you for EVERYTHING!!!}

Thursday, June 16, 2011

$5 brown bag sale

So as I headed to Manistee on Wednesday {June 15}, I had some extra time on my hands so I headed to some re-sale stores. 1st stop was Yada Yada Re-sale in Ludington: got a few things {$2.00}, 2nd Stop was GOODWILL, I bought a top for the 4th of July, a couple things for Miss Millie {$10.50}. Then I had about 30 more minutes before I needed to leave Ludington so I thought hey I'll quick stop at Salvation Army Thrift Store , but it turned into a little more than a quick trip. They were running the best special. FILL A BAG FOR $5.00
So I got 20 pieces of clothing for $5.00

I got Miss Millie some diaper covers for all her dresses, dirk some cool shirts, CWM3 got 2 dress shirts and long sleeve tshirt. I got a jacket, 2 pairs of shorts and some tops.

Overalle, it was a great day of re-sale shopping in Ludington :)

After I was done re-sale shopping and CWM3 was done with work, We went out for dinner. It was sprinkling all day off and on, so we thought we could squeeze a quick walk to the riverwalk. But it didn't last long and we had to get back to the car. I headed home really late, and it rained the whole way home. I am so READY for SUMMER!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Way Depot

My Way Depot Sundae and Candy Shop~

This is a little hidden Gem in Manistee, Michigan!! It's not on the main strip, but I have driven past it tons of times.But I had never been inside till this past Sunday!! And wow!!! AMAZING!!! For $5.50 I got a HUGE Banana Boat with 3 different kinds of ice cream, that I got to pick. I wish I could remember what I choose, they were GREAT!!! Not only do they have ice cream but they have Candy for cheap and Wide Variety of Jelly Belly and Salt Water Taffy. and Yes They have a facebook page. So if you live in Manistee or are planning a trip or going through, Stop in at My Way Depot :)

Prices and Sizes
The Outside of My Way Depot
Put a pin where you live

Great Time and look forward to going back!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

a new decade!

The night before my 30th Birthday

June 11th ~ My 30th birthday!!
We started out at the Car Show! Two Years in a ROW!

My mom and dad got me 30 gifts for my 30th birthday!!!

Our Hotel in Manistee

Dancing to the Band 'Risque'

My Cake {Thank-you Walmart in Ludington}


The Cupid Shuffle

Make Your OWN SUNDAE...

I entered the 777 slot tournament :)

I had a great weekend!

Thank-you for the Cards, gifts, spending time with me on my birthday, for all the facebook birthday wishes!!!

{so, to continue my one new thing a month}

This post includes 3 new things for the month of


1) Riding the Shuttle Bus

2) going to My Way Depot for make your own SUNDAE'S

3) entering the 777 slot tournament

Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 of today, I am 30!!

I have been scared and nervous to be turning 30,

but now I rejoice and am super excited to be 30!!!

I have a good life, I have my health, my family and friends!!
I have learned alot in the past 30 years. I have learned to live every day, it might be your last. I have learned to love, to cry, to say NO, I have learned to let go, I have seen my little sister have 2 beautiful children. I have seen angels go to heaven. I have moved {alot}, I have been out of country & to tons of states. Gotten Married & Divorced. Got dumped and broke a few hearts. I have made mistakes { I am human}

Scrapbooked and took pictures, so I can remember what my past 30 years look like. I love that I can look back at scrapbooks and see where my life has been. I am excited about this next chapter in my life as I am heading into a new decade.

So if you happen to be in the Manistee Area Tonight

we will be celebrating my 30th Birthday!!!

AS I GET ready to turn 30 on Saturday, I thought I would stroll down memory lane and remember the past 10 years. OH DEAR ME!!!! My 21st was celebrated with my friends in Bear Lake, My 22nd I was busy planning a wedding, My 23rd we were camping with church, My 24th we went to open houses and out for the night, My 25th I was FAT!!!! LOL..., went to my parents for dinner and cake. My 26th was a bad birthday! {My fault}, My 27 was Fun and celebrated at the BARN on US31 until someone showed up {LONG STORY}. My 28th I celebrated with a friend in Copemish, and with my family at the races and served papers :) My 29th was a blast with CWM3, Car show, farmers market, LRCR suite, and then this year 30th {Having a Party}!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy Gene!

Today's my Dad's birthday. He would have been 52 years old. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. My dad died in 1986. I was 5 years old, my sister was 1 1/2. My dad was only 27, my mom a widow at 28. I remember bits and pieces of my dad. I am very glad to have a ton of photos :)

Do they celebrate birthdays in heaven? The reason I ask is, it’s my dad's birthday today and that’s exactly where he is—in heaven.
I don’t know if they are celebrated or not, but I do know this: There are parties!

Remember the story that Jesus told of the prodigal son? It was about a boy who ran away from home, only to later come to his senses and return to his father. Upon his return, his father threw a great party for him and celebrated.

Jesus preceded this great story by saying, “Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents” (Luke 15:10). Sounds like a party to me!

When a party is done right, you have family, friends, and those you love around you. Gifts are given in honor of the one whose birth is celebrated. There is often a meal, always a cake, and the obligatory singing of “Happy Birthday to You!”

Daddy Gene is certainly with family in Heaven. He is there with his grandparents, aunts and Uncles, and grand children. I know in heaven there is feasting and family. Joy and happiness. No pain.

I miss my dad and look forward to the day I will see him again. He would be 52 years old if he were here with us.

Happy birthday, Gene Robert Kraai.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

a day @ the park

So I picked up dirk from school today (Wednesday June 1st) for the last time. Tomorrow is preschool graduation. *tear.... So I thought what better fun that going to the park. I let dirk choose which park he wanted to go to and he choose the park behind the pere marquette train in grand haven. CWM3 was visiting, so he came along on our little adventure. We also got to walk and see all the charter boats. Dirk was so excited and asked tons of questions. maybe a few too many that one of the captains gave us 3 salmon fillets. We had a fun day!!!