Monday, June 27, 2011

12 days of Christmas and weekends at the Cottage

I am from a town I can point to on my hand, from Heinz pickles and Lake Michigan.
I am from the cul-de-sac with friendly neighbors, and a pool with a slide.
I am from the Tulip, and the Apple Blossom.
I am from the 12 days of Christmas and weekends at the Cottage and trailer, themed birthday parties with homemade cake and matching easter outfits.

I am from Boats on the Lake, Skiing the Slopes, Campfires at the Campgrounds, snowmobiling the trails, and Roger’s Department Store.
From Dutch Dance Costumes and pink sponge rollers on Saturday Nights, Cricket and Barbie Dolls.
I am from Calvary, and Drenthe CRC, Baptism and Profession of Faith, Gems and Young People’s.
I'm from windmill cookies, casseroles, and Grandma’s Famous bonket.
From the perms at my aunt’s house, the easter egg hunts, and Family Vacations.

I am from one mom, two dads, 3 sets of grand-parents, tons of aunts & uncles, from one sister, one brother, and cousins galore.

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designHER Momma said...

awe, love yours! And I think I've been where you grew up...once or twice. :)