Thursday, June 30, 2011

#1 Manistee County Historical Museum: The Waterworks Building 1881

take a walk through history!!!
CWM3 and I have decided that when I am in Manistee,
We will see one of the places listed in this book.

A visit to beautiful Manistee County will take you back in time.
You will be swept away to an era where logging, agriculture and the railroad were key elements in developing this great land. Our museums are full of intriguing information and artifacts about the people, places and industries that helped carve out this fascinating and unique area of northwest Michigan. The struggles and triumphs of these early settlers can be felt throughout the area as you explore our museums and view the landscape where they first set foot. In 1851, the population of Manistee County was only about 200 people. The major industry was lumber and the only settlements included those at the mouth of the river around each of the mills and Old Stronach. As more and more mills were built and additional workers were needed, population increased rapidly. In 1871, on the same day as the Great Chicago Fire, Manistee experienced a fire as well. Over half the city burned and left approximately 1,000 people without homes. At that point, many of the Lumber Barons’ had amassed their fortune and hired foremost architects of the day to design ornate Victorian homes and public buildings, many of which remain to this day.

Our 1st stop:

The Manistee County Historical Museum~ The Waterworks Building 1881

540 First St, Manistee
Preserved as the county’s first historical
museum, this building now houses
logging, railroad, and marine exhibits
and memorabilia of Manistee in the
19th century. Open 10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Tues. - Sat. late June thru August.

It wasn't open, but that was ok. It is a beautiful building and I got great photos!

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