Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Ice Cream

I have been seeing so many cool ideas on Facebook and Instagram, during all these snow days!!! So tonight (Tuesday) we decided to try snow ice cream, seeing that we have enough snow!!! LOL
We added sprinkles to ours!!! And it was cold, and good!!! So if you have snow where you live.... Go ahead and try it !!!
I've named ours polar vortex 2014 ice cream!!! A friend says it sounds like a James Bond movie!!!  

PB cookies

We made cookies on Monday night!!! It's been so snowy here! And playing with toys gets so repetitive.

Love that he's willing to help!!! And of course he loves the eating part!!!! Here's to many more years of baking cookie with his mama!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Inside SNOW

Montgomery loves the snow and we play outside as much as we can, but Sunday 1/26 was 9 degrees, so after finding an idea on Pinterest, I decided to give it a try...

I used 3 buckets of SNOW, for the tub!! Put his snow pants and boots on, fleece jacket is easier to move in than a winter jacket, make sure to use gloves, the snow is still cold and can cause frostbite.
Montgomery had a blast, I was going to use beach toys, but they are put away :( so I grabbed some stuff out of the kitchen! 
From my Facebook:


Sometimes I like to be Rachael, just me, out later than 8pm, not Montgomery's mom! So on Saturday, I went bowling with Jake & Jen and some of there friends. Jakes mom was In town visiting and offered to watch all the kiddos. Montgomery I put to bed at there house at 8:30pm, and we left at 9:20pm. It was so nice to have adult interaction, have a few drinks and bowl. Not having to worry about diapers, sippy cups, etc.
Don't get me wrong I love being a mom, but every once in awhile, I just wanna be Rachael.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Play date

Thursday 1/23, we had a play date with a few friends from MOPS. As we were picking up, around noon, Audrey was climbing up her mom an flipping when we heard something snap. Poor Audrey started crying and not moving her arm. So Jen took her to ER, while we stayed and played, and watched Cash for her. So a two hour play date turned Into all day! But we truly enjoyed ourselves! (On a side note: it was moved cartilage in her elbow, and she's doing great)

After we left, we had to go to Lily's!!!
Lily and I were off to "dress for success" and Montgomery played with her 5 kids, and was watched by her hubby!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We went sledding at the state park on Saturday(1/18)!! The weather wasn't too cold, and we wanted to try out Montgomery's new sled!!! We had a blast, took a walk, and called it a successful trip!

After sledding, we went swimming at the Baymont!

Friday, January 17, 2014

1st trip to dentist

Montgomery had his first trip to the dentist(1/16/2014)...To look at a chipped tooth. It's only 2% chipped. And the dentist, dr Martin said it should be fine. The dental hygentist was amazing with Montgomery!!! He got to play with a huge snoopy! He got to watch a movie about a dog brushing teeth. He got a gift bag, with arrow ball and camo backpack!!! I'm so proud of my little man. The dentist said his teeth looked healthy and pearly white! We talked about milk, bottles, sippy cups and pacifiers. I'm very happy that I'm doing things right!!! And Montgomery was good for both dental hygentist and dentist!!!
Listening to dental hygentist
Watching a movie about brushing teeth
He did so good!!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

13 & 14

My baby is growing up, he just got his top fang teeth!!! That makes 13 total. He has first dentist appointment tomorrow! About a week ago, he tore is frenum (the skin that attaches lip to gums). He was jumping on pillows, and all of a sudden looked like something from twilight! I called the pediatrician on call and she said it happens. But today was looking and it looks like he may have slightly chipped a front tooth. So off to the dentist we go!!!
And since my SIL said my chart had too many teeth!!! I erased some!!! I guess kids only have 20 teeth!!! 6 more to go!!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

21 months old

...and just like that, my baby turned into a toddler and is that much closer to turning 2. Happy 21 months old Montgomery!!!
You are you!!! And I love you for that!
Your funny! You laugh all the time!
You are a great eater, not much you don't like! You love yogurt, string cheese and spaghetti. Apples and bananas, peas and green beans!
You love cars and trains! Balls and boxes!
You pretty much only drink milk!
Your red/ginger hair is growing!
You have 12 teeth and starting to teeth again!
You love your pacifier and tag blanket and your blue/brown Carter's blanket, it's so cute to see you rub the silk in between your fingers, and up to your nose!
You love baths and shower!!! But have to have toys and bubbles!
You say poopy when wet or dry and bring me a diaper!
You LOVE the SNOW!!!
When I say get your boots, you get yours and mine! Such a big helper!
Lately when you throw a fit, you lay on the floor, on your back! It's kind of cute and hard not to laugh!

I cannot believe your growing up SO fast... Time is flying by! I feel like I was just pregnant with you, then you turned 1- now 2 is fast approaching!!! I love you Montgomery Gene!!! You make my world turn!!! Xoxo Mommy