Friday, January 17, 2014

1st trip to dentist

Montgomery had his first trip to the dentist(1/16/2014)...To look at a chipped tooth. It's only 2% chipped. And the dentist, dr Martin said it should be fine. The dental hygentist was amazing with Montgomery!!! He got to play with a huge snoopy! He got to watch a movie about a dog brushing teeth. He got a gift bag, with arrow ball and camo backpack!!! I'm so proud of my little man. The dentist said his teeth looked healthy and pearly white! We talked about milk, bottles, sippy cups and pacifiers. I'm very happy that I'm doing things right!!! And Montgomery was good for both dental hygentist and dentist!!!
Listening to dental hygentist
Watching a movie about brushing teeth
He did so good!!!!

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Lucia Massey said...

Awww! Montgomery looks so adorable. I'm glad you took the opinion of your dentist. I hope his chipped tooth hasn't been much of a bother to him. Anyway, that Snoopy does look huge! It's almost as big as him. Hahaha! All the best, Rachael! :)

Lucia Massey @ Dental New Market