Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gold, frankincense & myrrh

I have always known that when I had a child, that I wanted to do 3 gifts for Christmas and explain the true meaning of Christmas. Found a couple neat ideas to go along with them:

GOLD: great value, something the child really wants!!! This is a little hard with him only being 8 months old, but I have chosen a pretty neat toy ( within my budget).

FRANKINCENSE: Spirital Gft, something that will help him in his "walk" with Jesus. Some of the ideas were books, bibles, and we already have these, he's too little for a nativity, maybe next year. So I have gone in the direction of walk... { you'll have to wait and see}

MYRRH: Something for the body. It's been said wiseman brought myrrh, an anointing oil, was preparing Jesus for when he died for us. Some ideas are clothes, hats, hair bows, cloth diapers, gloves, boots, etc. I have decided to get him a brand new outfit (within my budget, of of course). We usually wear use/ 2nd hand, and I feel that a new outfit if appropriate!


For Montgomery's stocking: it is mostly 2nd hand : leapfrog drum, English/Spanish guitar, bath toys, and much, and I mean much more. I will include a couple new things, like sippy cups, wipes, pacifiers, the nessesities :)

For our Dutch Christmas {Sinterklaas}: again mostly 2nd hand, but a few new, like rubber duck, Santa cup with straw, and a few things from the $1bin at target. Gold coins, orange, chocolate letter, and chocolate (for mama!!)

My son is spoiled and it will change as he gets older, now a days, I buy it when he needs it, and clothes once a month at our local stores bag sale, but as he gets older, he will have to wait for a special occasion, and really want the gift, hence the Gold, appreciate it, Frankincense, and truly feel it, Myrrh. Then maybe, just maybe if im doing my job as a mom right, he will understand the true meaning of the season!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Advent: I can remember every year doing our advent candy felt thing with tie on candy! My mom and dad always things so special for us, and being a mom, that's what I wanted to do too, but Montgomery is way, way to young for candy. So brainstorming, and searching pinterest, I decided to find books, Christmas books and wrap the, and every night leading up to Christmas we would open and read a book. I found them all for less than $5. Cara even managed to find the grinch at a 2nd hand store! Score. We have books about baby Jesus, ' 'twas the night before Christmas, reindeer books, star books, Santa books. 24 holiday books, and the last one ' 'twas the night before is wrapped with his Santa jammies and hat, along with my Santa hat!!! I also found armed, white & green fleece blanket at target for only $3 on black friday, and was going to wrap it with 1st book, but we used it for the parade!!!

Decorating the tree

Decirating the tree this year was different, unusually, fun, silly, and early. I am a stickler for no tree, decorations, no Christmas music till after Thanksgiving. well this year is the 1st year in three years I've had my tree out. I had it out in 2008, in Zeeland, I had it out 2009, living in Bear Lake, then 2010, and 2011 I was living with the Miller's and then I was my sister's nanny. So to take my tree out of the box and all my ornaments... I was kind of giddy and with this being my sons 1st Chriatmas!!
The tree came out a week before Thanksgiving, but wasn't decorated till the 24th of November. It was a Saturday afternoon, before the aglow on the avenue Christmas parade, we put Christmas music on on pandora, and sang and danced and decorated the tree. Montgomery was amazed with the lights and a bell ornament. He played with his creepy singing Santa and a stuffed animal with a bell, and my polar express santa. I love how our tree turned out this year!! Love sitting in the living room, with just the tree light up. Hence why I think I'm getting a lot of logging done lately. And because I don't want to miss any moments, as this is the most wonderful time of the year!

Aglow on the avenue

Aglow on the avenue is Ludington's holiday parade, and make sure to be able to see the tree at James street plaza, cause when Santa comes by, he magically lights the tree. Then it's off to the art center to see Santa and Mrs.Claus. 11/24

Christmas check~list»

We may not get everything done: but wanted to have some ideas!!!

Aglow on the avenue parade (DONE){11/24}
Picture with Santa & Mrs. Claus (DONE){11/24:pick up 12/4}
Picture with Santa {12/15}
Santa Express {12/15} *(it was raining and didn't want to take montgomery out in the rain)
Celebrate Sinterklaas {12/6}
Story with Sinterklaas And photo with Sinterklaas (free) {12/8}
See or visit reindeer(maybe next year)
Live nativity at critterbarn {12/22}
Make a snowman
Holiday footprint craft( became a handprint reindeer instead) 12/21
Sledding (took him sledding at state park for his 9 month photos)
Montgomery 1st time Ice Fishing
Make Jesus a birthday cake & sing happy birthday!!
String Popcorn for Tree*(next year)
Christmas cookies
Christmas music while decorating tree (DONE){11/24}
Make Homemade Ornaments *(decided not this year, maybe next year)
Send out Christmas Cards
Set cookies & milk out for Santa
Take a walk at the State Park
Advent Calendar (DONE) {11/28} will start December 1st!
Find pin for stocking
Make gingerbread house
Homemade pizza
Nite lights at 53rd ball park, grand rapids $12/car
Look at Christmas Lights in our town
Go see Manistee's tree downtown {12/15}
Make a Birthday cake for Montgomery's daddy {12/11}*(bought cake)


Montgomery started coughing more on Monday night, by Tuesday it was not getting better. I gave him as many breathing treatments as I could and my poor little man couldn't sleep. I called our doctor, and after a few questions, she advised us our best solution would be going to the ER.
Our doctor called ahead, and within 5 minutes, Montgomery was seen by 2 nurses and a doctor. There he was placed in a toe monitor, lungs checked, given a breathing treatment, administered a steroid shot, another stronger breathing treatment. And when all said and done, some benadryl. We spent from 9:30pm to 12:30am in the ER. Montgomery got to visit and flirt with all the nurses.
I was scared and nervous, I know he has asthma, but the smallest things can trigger it that I have no control over, and it's frustrating as a mom. I cannot keep him in a bubble. I hope that as we continue berating treatments and start another round of liquid steroids, that theirs some improvement. Please pray, thank-you!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


This year on what marked the anniversary of my dad, was spent at home with me & my little man. The tree was up, we added lights and ornaments to make it beautiful. Then we bundled up in our warmest clothes to head outside for the parade and lighting of the tree. Parade was small but fun. Then we headed over to the arts center to wait an hour to have little mans picture taken with Santa. Montgomery did awesome, he smiled, laughed, and spit out his tongue at Santa, I'm excited to see and get the picture on the 4th of December. We got home a half hour after his bed time, so he was tired. He got a bottle then went straight to bed! What a fun day!!! I am so blessed to be a mommy! In the picture he looks scared to death, but he had a good time, he just very much dislikes his winter coat.

Breaking dawn - part 2

On November 17, 2012 I got to go see twilight breaking dawn part 2, it was a great night. My neighbor brittney watched montgomery. We went to the 9pm showing, brought little man to brittneys at 8pm, put him in his portable crib, and left. There's not many nights I get out and this was my first movie theater experience since he was born. As a parent it's good to get out every once in awhile. It was much needed. And let's just say the movie was phenomenal.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

26 years later

Today marks the anniversary of my dads death. It's hard to believe it was 26 years ago, taken too young and to early. We rejoice that your in heaven with Jesus, but wish you could have seen us (gina and I ) grow up. Three beautiful grandchildren, 2 of which share your name. We know your smiling down on us. We love you daddy gene and papa gene.
Gene Robert Kraai
June 9, 1959 - November 24, 1986

Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving this year, Montgomery and I went downstate to Kraai's since my parents were in Florida. It was fun to see Aunts, Uncles, cousins and all the kids! So much to be thankful for! I made turkey cookies. Montgomery wore his homemade turkey shirt done with foot and handprints.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

For all things are for your sakes, that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God.  ~ 2 Corinthians 4:15

 From our family to yours!!!!
We hope you have lots to be THANKFUL for this THANKSGIVING!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

6 month photos

My grandma bobeldyk for my last shower gave me 6 month photos for montgomery . Pretty sure she wanted them in a studio, but I'm not a fan of the same background . So my neighbors joy & Brandon  , who also did his 3 month pictures, did his 6 month. We met at ludington state park, 3 different outfits and pumpkins. They turned out amazing.

Christmas in October?

October 20th, Montgomery and I went to my grandparents to celebrate Christmas before they left for Florida. Montgomery got a stocking: these cool cars which magnate together, put away till a little older. A talking Santa, baby food, Christmas sippy cup and a few other things. For his big gift, Montgomery hit his bumbo tray and 2 baby Einstein DVDs :) adults did a $5 grab and played a matching game. We love you grandma & grandpa ( great nana & great papa ) we will txt you lots of photos and look forward to your return early may!!

6 months old

Week 27: October 5-12 Week 28: October 12-19 Week 29: October 19-26 Week 30: October 26-November 2 You weigh 22 pounds and 4 ounces and are 28 inches long. 97% for length nd above charts for weight. You wear 9 and 12 month clothing. You have 5 different fall/ winter hats. You were diagnosed with early asthma, and on breathing treatments, which you are doing awesome with he face mask. On 10/15 they prescribed liquid steroids to help your lungs. I'm sorry baby. Mommy loves you, I'm sorry your sick.cousin Millie turned 3. We celebrated with a Dora/diago party with cake and ice cream. You had a 1/2 birthday party. You got puffs, a Mickey mouse lunch box, a Mickey stuffed animal, a book, and a puzzle. It's hard to believe your 1/2 way to one.
For Alexis birthday party/Halloween party you were Charlie brown. You had a gerber puff (10/11)and biscuit (10/14). You are pretty independent,you play, you hold your own bottle, you put yourself to bed. You love and I mean love baby Einstein, you won't pay attention to anything else on tv ,but the minute you hear baby Einstein you pay 100% attention. You love bath time, you are no longer in a snuggy (10/5) no more. Your a big boy now, sleeping in a sleep sack. Arms free. You are ok with your pacifier, you seem to be able to calm yourself down, don't need it in car nymore really unless your really fussy, and your not a fussy baby by any means. No more cereal in a bottle. You eat it off a spoon mixed with a fruit. Usually in the am, then fruit and vegetable at night. Plus 4 bottles throught the day. by the end of the month most 9 month clothes have been put away, and currently wearing all 12 month clothes. You love zoie (5) and Marcus (4). You celebrated your first Christmas party with great nana & great papa on October 20th, before they left for Florida. You will be 1 by the time you see them again! For Halloween party at library you dressed up as an mx motocrosser. For trick-or-treating downtown ludington on 10/27 you got to be your Dalmatian ( costume worn by uncle JK 23 years ago and cousin dirk 6 years ago!! ) we got to meet nana in montague/ Whitehall for subway to pick up costume. Grma Cindy and grpa Craig took a ride up here in 10/27 to give you your Halloween basket! & thank you so much for dinner. Montgomery had real mashed potatoes and jello and chocolate ice cream ( thanks Craig) Halloween was on a Wednesday, cold and rainy, mommy took you to grandpa & grandma millers house, then daddy took you to uncle Chris's.mommy had a few hours to herself :)