Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gold, frankincense & myrrh

I have always known that when I had a child, that I wanted to do 3 gifts for Christmas and explain the true meaning of Christmas. Found a couple neat ideas to go along with them:

GOLD: great value, something the child really wants!!! This is a little hard with him only being 8 months old, but I have chosen a pretty neat toy ( within my budget).

FRANKINCENSE: Spirital Gft, something that will help him in his "walk" with Jesus. Some of the ideas were books, bibles, and we already have these, he's too little for a nativity, maybe next year. So I have gone in the direction of walk... { you'll have to wait and see}

MYRRH: Something for the body. It's been said wiseman brought myrrh, an anointing oil, was preparing Jesus for when he died for us. Some ideas are clothes, hats, hair bows, cloth diapers, gloves, boots, etc. I have decided to get him a brand new outfit (within my budget, of of course). We usually wear use/ 2nd hand, and I feel that a new outfit if appropriate!


For Montgomery's stocking: it is mostly 2nd hand : leapfrog drum, English/Spanish guitar, bath toys, and much, and I mean much more. I will include a couple new things, like sippy cups, wipes, pacifiers, the nessesities :)

For our Dutch Christmas {Sinterklaas}: again mostly 2nd hand, but a few new, like rubber duck, Santa cup with straw, and a few things from the $1bin at target. Gold coins, orange, chocolate letter, and chocolate (for mama!!)

My son is spoiled and it will change as he gets older, now a days, I buy it when he needs it, and clothes once a month at our local stores bag sale, but as he gets older, he will have to wait for a special occasion, and really want the gift, hence the Gold, appreciate it, Frankincense, and truly feel it, Myrrh. Then maybe, just maybe if im doing my job as a mom right, he will understand the true meaning of the season!

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