Sunday, November 11, 2012

6 months old

Week 27: October 5-12 Week 28: October 12-19 Week 29: October 19-26 Week 30: October 26-November 2 You weigh 22 pounds and 4 ounces and are 28 inches long. 97% for length nd above charts for weight. You wear 9 and 12 month clothing. You have 5 different fall/ winter hats. You were diagnosed with early asthma, and on breathing treatments, which you are doing awesome with he face mask. On 10/15 they prescribed liquid steroids to help your lungs. I'm sorry baby. Mommy loves you, I'm sorry your sick.cousin Millie turned 3. We celebrated with a Dora/diago party with cake and ice cream. You had a 1/2 birthday party. You got puffs, a Mickey mouse lunch box, a Mickey stuffed animal, a book, and a puzzle. It's hard to believe your 1/2 way to one.
For Alexis birthday party/Halloween party you were Charlie brown. You had a gerber puff (10/11)and biscuit (10/14). You are pretty independent,you play, you hold your own bottle, you put yourself to bed. You love and I mean love baby Einstein, you won't pay attention to anything else on tv ,but the minute you hear baby Einstein you pay 100% attention. You love bath time, you are no longer in a snuggy (10/5) no more. Your a big boy now, sleeping in a sleep sack. Arms free. You are ok with your pacifier, you seem to be able to calm yourself down, don't need it in car nymore really unless your really fussy, and your not a fussy baby by any means. No more cereal in a bottle. You eat it off a spoon mixed with a fruit. Usually in the am, then fruit and vegetable at night. Plus 4 bottles throught the day. by the end of the month most 9 month clothes have been put away, and currently wearing all 12 month clothes. You love zoie (5) and Marcus (4). You celebrated your first Christmas party with great nana & great papa on October 20th, before they left for Florida. You will be 1 by the time you see them again! For Halloween party at library you dressed up as an mx motocrosser. For trick-or-treating downtown ludington on 10/27 you got to be your Dalmatian ( costume worn by uncle JK 23 years ago and cousin dirk 6 years ago!! ) we got to meet nana in montague/ Whitehall for subway to pick up costume. Grma Cindy and grpa Craig took a ride up here in 10/27 to give you your Halloween basket! & thank you so much for dinner. Montgomery had real mashed potatoes and jello and chocolate ice cream ( thanks Craig) Halloween was on a Wednesday, cold and rainy, mommy took you to grandpa & grandma millers house, then daddy took you to uncle Chris's.mommy had a few hours to herself :)

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