Sunday, November 25, 2012


This year on what marked the anniversary of my dad, was spent at home with me & my little man. The tree was up, we added lights and ornaments to make it beautiful. Then we bundled up in our warmest clothes to head outside for the parade and lighting of the tree. Parade was small but fun. Then we headed over to the arts center to wait an hour to have little mans picture taken with Santa. Montgomery did awesome, he smiled, laughed, and spit out his tongue at Santa, I'm excited to see and get the picture on the 4th of December. We got home a half hour after his bed time, so he was tired. He got a bottle then went straight to bed! What a fun day!!! I am so blessed to be a mommy! In the picture he looks scared to death, but he had a good time, he just very much dislikes his winter coat.

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