Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Montgomery started coughing more on Monday night, by Tuesday it was not getting better. I gave him as many breathing treatments as I could and my poor little man couldn't sleep. I called our doctor, and after a few questions, she advised us our best solution would be going to the ER.
Our doctor called ahead, and within 5 minutes, Montgomery was seen by 2 nurses and a doctor. There he was placed in a toe monitor, lungs checked, given a breathing treatment, administered a steroid shot, another stronger breathing treatment. And when all said and done, some benadryl. We spent from 9:30pm to 12:30am in the ER. Montgomery got to visit and flirt with all the nurses.
I was scared and nervous, I know he has asthma, but the smallest things can trigger it that I have no control over, and it's frustrating as a mom. I cannot keep him in a bubble. I hope that as we continue berating treatments and start another round of liquid steroids, that theirs some improvement. Please pray, thank-you!

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