Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Advent: I can remember every year doing our advent candy felt thing with tie on candy! My mom and dad always things so special for us, and being a mom, that's what I wanted to do too, but Montgomery is way, way to young for candy. So brainstorming, and searching pinterest, I decided to find books, Christmas books and wrap the, and every night leading up to Christmas we would open and read a book. I found them all for less than $5. Cara even managed to find the grinch at a 2nd hand store! Score. We have books about baby Jesus, ' 'twas the night before Christmas, reindeer books, star books, Santa books. 24 holiday books, and the last one ' 'twas the night before is wrapped with his Santa jammies and hat, along with my Santa hat!!! I also found armed, white & green fleece blanket at target for only $3 on black friday, and was going to wrap it with 1st book, but we used it for the parade!!!

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