Friday, April 27, 2012

3 weeks old

3 weeks old {4/27/12}
weight: 8 # 10
diapers: size 1
clothes: newborn {growing out of some} 0-3 months
I love to cuddle with mama
I got to meet grandma and grandpa miller
I love to pull funny faces
I had my first breast milk bottle from daddy{4.25}
I had my first formula bottle {4/26}
I still sound like a pterodactyl
I love to breastfeed. football hold is my favorite, I hate when mommy is lying down
I like tummy time
I love car rides
I am a great shopper
I like cats and dogs
I still haven't found a pacifier I like, which is driving mommy crazy

2 weeks old

week: 2 {4/20/12}
weight : 7# 3
Diapers: size 1 {huggies/ pampers}
I had my first sleepover at nana and papa's
My first restaurant was BWW (on 44th street)
I wear size 1 diapers. Mommy ran out of newborns and decided I was growing enough for size 1.
My belly button is almost healed.
I no longer need Vaseline and gauze on my circumcision.
I only cry when I am naked, or am hungry.
I give off funny faces
I threw a fit in Target, causing mommy to feed my in the bathroom
I sometimes spit up after a feeding{maybe once a day}
I like my play mat
learning tummy time
I am still not a fan of the pacifier, even if my mommy and nana have bought me about 5 different kinds.
Favorite song: Jesus Loves Me, and You are my sunshine.
Nana came to visit :)
1st time garagesaling
I love my carseat
I still cry when naked
 I like my vibrating seat

Friday, April 20, 2012

Birth Announcement

my must have's...

1: swaddleMe Small Microfleece Infant Wrap by Kiddopotamus

Wrap your baby in the comfort of this soft infant wrap. SwaddleMe® soothes infants and reduces symptoms of colic by recreating the familiar, soothi

ng snugness of the womb. It also reduces the incidence of the startle reflex, allowing babies to sleep for longer periods of time. Self-fastening tab

s adjust for a custom fit as y
our baby grows. The foot pocket pops down for easy diaper checks and changes, and a h
arness access slit allows the wrap to be used in swings, car seats and strollers so your baby can always have the comfort and warmth of the wrap around them. 100% polyester microfleece. Machine wash. Imported. Fits babies from 7 to 14 pounds.

2: Boppy Nursing/Feeding Pillow
This is a great invention, we use ours for feeding, sleeping, and just chillin.

3. lansinoh breast pads and Lansinoh

Lanolin Cream For Breastfeeding Mothers

  • lanolin cream from lansinoh
  • soothes, heals and protects dry, cracked skin and sore nipples for breastfeeding mothers.
  • hypoallergenic, completely natural, and safe for both mom & baby.
  • endorsed in the usa by la leche leauge
4. aiden and anais burpy bibs
5. Nursing Bra's and Nursing Tanks

I wear a nice one during the day and a more sports/nursing bra at night

1 week old

Week: 1 {4/13/12}
Weight: 7#3
I LOOK LIKE AN oompa loompa
I am little jaundice, I have been to the
doctor twice and had blood drawn from my heal 3 times.
My favorite songs that mommy sings is : Jesus loves me, and mommas gunna buy you a rocking horse.
I wear size newborn diapers.
I got my first bath from mommy and daddy.
I had my 1st holiday:EASTER
I only fit in newborn clothing

I am a breast fed baby
My normal night is feeding at 12/midnight, 4 am and 8 am (sometimes 6am)
I love my mommy.
I like to sleep on my boppy
I like my year crib and my crib.
I know my momma's voice

I love being on my my stomach on my mommy's chest
I love to be swaddled in my blankets
I hate pacifiers
I'm ok with my carseat

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Montgomery's 1st easter was our check out date from the hospital. Papa and Nana came to pick us up and then we headed to Gina's for an Easter Cookout . Papa then took us home to Ludington where Daddy met us at home. {good thing this mama planned ahead, and bought outfit and easter basket.} A HUGE THANK-YOU to CARA for driving all the way to Ludington to pick up his easter stuff. Monty got a easter book, a rubber ducky, bib and candy (for mommy)

Montgomery's easter basket from NANA and PAPA

Kisses from millie {Millie calls you BABY}

kisses from your cousin DIRK, who loves you so much

Gina and her kids & me and my son

Auntie Rachael and Dirk

MOMMY and Montgomery's 1st EASTER

Montgomery's "BIRTH" ~day

Happy Birthday Montgomery {4/6/12}



BORN APRIL 6th @ 12:19 am
7 pounds 11 ounces
20 1/2 inches long

we call him our little pterodactyl, because thats what he sounds like...

vanorder baby shower

we had my vanorder baby shower {tuesday 4/3/12} at panara bread. My grandma has stage 2, lung cancer, so we did a small dinner & opened gifts :) it was a ton of fun!!!

Homemade from Cara

Aunt Becky, myself and Aunt Sherri

gina and rachael

auntie cara, auntie rachael and mommy

grandma vo and I

Thank-you to grandma, becky and sherri for a wonderful tribute

Friday, April 13, 2012

39 weeks

How far along? 39 weeks {4/5/12}
Total weight gain/loss: gained 33
Have you started to show yet: YES
Gender: BOY, Montgomery Gene
Labor Signs: . water broke at 930am {4/5/12} got to hospital at noon.
Maternity clothes? Jeans and leggins, alot of tops :)
Stretch marks? one lightning bolt on my left lower stomach
Sleep: really good
Best moment this week: vanorder baby shower
Miss Anything? alot of things. I love being pregnant but glad it's almost done
Movement: a few kicks here and there
Food cravings: water and ice
Anything making you queasy or sick: empty stomach, fast movements, smells
Symptoms: swollen ankles,and dry heaving
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: seeing my son being born