Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Weekend

I had to work Saturday Morning! Montgomery was not impressed :(

Montgomery goes to his 2nd cousins house.... He loves it there! A huge thank you to Cassey for taking him!!!!
Once I was done working, we got our weekend started. We walked to see the "boat"
Then headed to Marina Park to Play!!!
Then he needed a nap!!!! After nap time, we went to Stearns Park to watch the SS Badger come in!!! 
We got to feel the sand and water on our toes. Montgomery kept saying "burr".
It was a great night- so we played on the playground.
Home to bed!!!! Well after we got ice cream of course :)
Sunday we went back to Marina Park! This park is amazing, if you ever get a chance to visit Ludington, Mi. This is definetly a spot to stop, they have an incredable play area, it's by the marina, you can see Pere Marquette lake and lake Michigan.
Montgomery and his 2nd cousin Caleob
They are best buds
Then again it was nap time. We stayed at home on Sunday Night, I knew Monday would be busy!!!!! But I did manage to give him his 1st Haircut!!! He was looking like bed head boy all the time, and I wanted his curls to spring back to life, so I trimmed the back and a little off the center top. Boy he looks so handsome!!!!
Memorial Day Monday!!! 
We headed out for downtown around 9:45, the parade started at 10:15am, and  it started to rain at about 9:50am. We took cover, or sprinkled off and on, but we still managed to enjoy the whole 15 minute parade. I'm sorry!!! But out of all the parades in Ludington, his one stinks!!! I can remember all the Memorial Day parades in Zeeland, and this one just doesn't compare. But we had fun!!!!
Then Cassey and I took all the kids to Sandcastles Children's Museum!

It poured while we were at Sandcastles. After that it was lunch time, we went to Subway to meet daddy/chuck. Then off to work for this mama!!!! Montgomery is spending the rest of the day with his daddy!!!! 
What an amazing holiday weekend!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

GR Children's Museum

On Wednesday , May 21st, my friend Lindsey and I both had the day off!!! She wanted to get out of town, so we decided on Grand Rapids, a day trip to the GR Children's Museum. We also did lunch on 28th Street, at BWW!!!
We love our Children's museum here in Ludington, so we thought it would be an experience to see a different one. It was a nice place, a lot of the same things our has to offer, a larger space (pros and cons), its a little more pricier, and you have to pay for parking. Staff is very friendly, and My son, Montgomery and Lindsey's son Lennox ( both 2) had a great time and slept the whole way home!!!! The museum had a fun area, which is a featured exhibit......

It was a  great day, well spent!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Gold Rush indoor Waterpark

Sunday we headed to Double JJ - in Rothbury, MI. 

I wanted to go swimming, and they had an indoor water park!!! Gold Rush Indoor Water park was amazing!!!!
While waitin for lunch we played in the arcade!!!
Lunch was amazing!!! Cheese breadsticks and pizza....
Then we played in the water some more!
The park closes at 5pm on Sunday's... So we got dressed, and Montgomery fell asleep before we even made it to the enterence of double JJ. 
We took a drive thru silver lake and nothing was open, then headed to pentwater, got some ice cream & played at the park!!!
Then we decided we could make it to Ludington to see the SS Badger come in, they just started the 2014 sailing season!!!
It was a GREAT Sunday!!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

SUMMER check~list

Here are the Things on Montgomery's Summer 2014 Check List!!!!

Amber Elk Ranch ~ 
Movies in the Park ~ 
Tub Sable River ~  
Western Michigan Fair ~
Historic White Pine Village ~
Western Michigan OldEngine Show ~ 
Friday Night Live~
Ludington Harbor Festival ~
Baldwin Troutarama~ 

keep your eye on our BLOG as we try to accomplish all or most of the things on this LIST!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2014


It was a great Mother's Day.... I love being a mama to my blue eyed, red haired, spit and vinegar personality of a son. He is his own person and for that I am greatful.
His smile says it all....
He got me a mom cup filled with rootbeer  candy!!!!
Took a quad ride.....
Got some morels....
Went fishing!!!!
Then we got a sitter for little man and went out to the lake and out for dinner!
What to do, with out little man??? Make funny faces of course! It was nice having adult conversation!

It was a great Mother's Day!!! So wonderfully blessed to be a mom, and have an incredable mom, who has taught me so much in life and in parenting! Hope you had a great Mother's Day Mom!!!! Love You!!! Xoxo