Monday, May 12, 2014


It was a great Mother's Day.... I love being a mama to my blue eyed, red haired, spit and vinegar personality of a son. He is his own person and for that I am greatful.
His smile says it all....
He got me a mom cup filled with rootbeer  candy!!!!
Took a quad ride.....
Got some morels....
Went fishing!!!!
Then we got a sitter for little man and went out to the lake and out for dinner!
What to do, with out little man??? Make funny faces of course! It was nice having adult conversation!

It was a great Mother's Day!!! So wonderfully blessed to be a mom, and have an incredable mom, who has taught me so much in life and in parenting! Hope you had a great Mother's Day Mom!!!! Love You!!! Xoxo

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