Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Review

As we coast into 2014, here's a look back at our 2013:
In January I had an almost 9 month old son, we went and took his 9 month photos at the state park
February, we celebrated Valentines day!!! Was excited to make his Valentines for his daycare!!
March was dirks birthday at Chuck E Cheese.
April we stayed at the Best Western for Montgomery's birthday and had a birthday party for him with friends and Family
May was tulip time, with costumes, parades, and lots of junk food!!!
June was my birthday! I turned 32 years old!
July was a busy 4th of July week: from carnivals, to food, fireworks and the parade!!! July also brought us 2 fairs: Ottawa county fair and western michigan fair!
August was Friday night lives, trips to see to see the ss badger, marina park and the beach! Also was Cara's Bachelorette Party at Soaring Eagle
September, Lottie was born, Montgomery and I spent a few days with dirk and Millie in grand haven! We started 1 year old preschool. Also our 1st trip to Lewis Farms!
October was Jared and Caras wedding, I was the maid of honor, and Montgomery was the ring bearer! Montgomery got his 11th tooth! 1st time to John Ball Zoo, Millie turned 4. We carved Pumpkins and went trick or treating 3 times!
November: Thanksgiving two times, attended mike & casseys wedding! Trying to enjoy our last few nice days at the park!
December: Santa Express was amazing, and Christmas with family members!!!

2013 was interesting to say the least, lots of changes and adventures!!! Here's to 2014!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013


Santa came:
Merry Christmas!!!
Then Montgomery went with his daddy!!

Christmas Eve

Montgomery gets 3 gifts (well sort of 3), just like Jesus did from the 3 wise men, he gets something he wants, something to help him learn (age and spiritual wise) and something to wear.
Us at our Christmss Eve service at church.
Then home to get Jammie's on...watch polar express and set out cookies for Santa:

VanOrder Christmas

We left for nana and papa's on Saturday late afternoon, it was raining downstate, so we didn't make it to the live nativity or the ball park lights, papa picked up pizza!!!
Sunday was our Christmas Party...
...and overnight was a pretty bad ice storm!
But everyone made it safely to mom and dads!
We all got tons of great gifts!!!
Ate some amazing junk food:
All the Grandkids got Christmas Jammie and a Christmas DVD!
Then we decorated cookies:
What a great weekend at nana & papa's! 
Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Daycare Party

Montgomery love his daycare and I do too... For the Christmas party they were without there helper TT, her husband passed away. So I volunteered to help. We made trees with sugar cones, frosting, and lots of toppings!!
We got miss Debbie this gift...
Thank you Pinterest: Christmas and a greatful high-five... Thank you to all of the many HELPING -HANDS that you have made in our lives. Because you are so special and we appreciate you this season enjoy the gift!!!

Gloves: when you slip your hands inside, feeling the soft cozy warmth makes you smile, knowing that's how you make us feel, we appreciate you and wish you a very merry Christmas 

Cup: thank you for keeping us hydrated with learning, play and songs.

Disinfectant: thanks for promoting a  attitude

Kleenex: you soften my load, thanks for wiping years and noses.


Well we made it downstate on Daturday night, but due to rain, we were unable to attend the live nativity at the critter barn, and didn't think it was worth going to the 53rd ballpark Christmas lights on he rain. We ordered pizza instead!!! It froze overnight, branches everywhere it was a frozen tundra outside!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Letter from SANTA

So Santa sent a letter to Montgomery.... 
And a certificate for the nice list!

Letter to Santa

The Letter to Santa
And the back...
And then we went and mailed it...
Now to wait for a letter back from Santa!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Kraai Christmas

The Kraai Great-Grandkids (missing 3)

New play fishing set from great grandpa and great grandma! (pretend & play fishing set from learning resources)

Opening his stocking gifts!! ( coloring book, crayons, match box car and puppy Beenie)

It's always a good time at the Kraai Christmas!! Catching up with cousins, aunts and uncles! What a fun Christmas Party!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Manistee Tree

We try to see the Manistee Christmas Tree every year, since we cannot attend the sleigh bell parade. The tree was in a different location this year, the tree is HUGE!!! Beautiful tree :)
(You can hardly see Montgomery)

Santa Express

Getting ready to go meet Montgomery and Chuck at the Santa Express...
Walking to the RR crossing

Here it comes!!! So cool!!

Santa came up to Mongonery and said "we have matching hats"!!!!

We then went into community center for hotdogs, cookies, hot chocolate, and punch

... And then it was time to go!
What an amazing night!!! This will defenitly be a tradition!!! (Last year it was raining, so we didn't end up going with Montgomery being so young)