Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Celebrating Sinterklaas

Many people asked: what is this celebration that happens on early in December? Why have a special interest and pride in this time of year?
The answer: we are honoring our Dutch heritage by recreating customs that the settlers from Holland brought to the Hudson Valley. The Dutch people brought a celebration with them that was already a deeply rooted part of their traditions.
In Holland the Dutch always celebrate on December 6. Mounted on a white steed, a town resident dressed up as Sinterklaas (that is, elegantly garbed in a bishop’s tall hat, red cape,  shiny ring, and jeweled staff), rides through town knocking on doors late at night. He would be accompanied by his long-time sidekick, the Grumpus. Also known as Black Peter, the Grumpus — a wild looking half-man, half-beast character — rattled chains and threatened to steal away the naughtiest children in his big black bag. And for those “less bad” he had switches for exacting lesser punishments! And for the good children — Sinterklaas and the Grumpus would deliver a bag of goodies.
Over the years, as towns developed and houses grew closer together, Sinterklaas’ ride turned into a Parade that still happens in Holland to this day, and is the most popular of all Dutch holidays.
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This is Montgomery's 2nd year celebrating Sinterklaas! 
We read the story, looked at the activity book, got his wooden shoes out, &colored a picture of sinterklaas.

An then in the morning... Montgomery was excited to see his new gifts and candy!!!

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