Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ZOO WEEK May 23-29

So it's Zoo Week:

Gina is taking dirk to the Zoo during the Holiday weekend!!!

MONDAY: Safari Collage
TUESDAY: Elephant Coloring Page found here

(above) Millie
(below) Dirk


(above) rainbow noodles for LION MANES

(above) Dirk

(below) Millie

{coloring pages found here}

{Z is dirk's letter of the week}

Millie {above}

Dirk {below}


It was a fun week doing all animal things. I taught them 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and dirk taught me 5 little speckled frogs. {a song he will sing at graduation on Thursday}. And dirk and Gina had fun at the zoo. he got to touch a stingray, and ride a camel. He couldn't see lions because they were sleeping. I'm glad that he had fun at the zoo.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Gina, Cara and I went to see New Kids on the Block and Back Street Boys last night!!!!

We had an amazing girls night out! We had dinner at BWW on 44th Then headed to Grand Rapids. We parked and walked over the cat walk. doors opened at 7pm. The tickets we bought were for section 204, Row N. When we got there they upgraded us to same section: 204 but row B; we were so excited.... Then left to grab drinks and came in a different entrance and again they upgraded us. This time to section 107, Row M. Needless to say we were ecstatic. Concert started at 7:30. The opening act wasn't very good, and came on at 7:40. Only played a few songs then a huge break. NKOTBSB came on at 8:45. What fun!!! Both groups: New kids on the block and back street boys did amazing jobs!! It was getting a little hot in there so I took the stairs up to get some fresh air and as I did, Security came down and blocked off our area. About a minute later who appears but Brian and AJ from BSB. AJ looks at me and says "HEY" and I'm so star struck I say "HI, I needed some fresh air". I felt like Baby on Dirty Dancing {I carried a watermelon} hehehe....
but don't forget about JOEY from NKOTB. I had the biggest crush on him when I was younger and he is still adorable...

It was a fun night with my sisters....

{we have to do girls night again, soon!!!!}

Thursday, May 19, 2011

date idea....

Ok... so I know I'm a little bit corny. so here is the latest date night idea. Thanks to a couple great websites: the dating divas and love, actually.
I am headed upnorth and the cherry bowl drive in is playing two movies for $8.50 a person!!!
It was a little hard to incorpurate both movies, but I think I pulled it off. Guess we will find out on Saturday!!!

I have edited out photo and name}

Make a WANTED poster!!! Found this idea here and for the sketch went here . The treasure map is a map of northern Michigan with an X marking the spot of the drive in. I used picnik to create it and texted it to the mystery guest.


~You know that feeling you get when you're standing in a high place...
sudden urge to jump?... I don't have it.

~…And at last I see the light"
{I sent these two texts/1st on is from POTC:4 and 2nd is from Tangled}

Clue #3

"I thought I should give you warning.…. It's nothing personal."

{Quote is from On Strager Tides and the picture is because the name of the drive in... is cherry bowl.}



WHAT 2 MOVIES ARE WE SEEING. SO mystery person knows we are going to Drive In.... so this is what I texted back.

Clue #4

This is what I had printed in a wallet size!!!




Tuesday, May 17, 2011

day # 137

I did my 2011 goals for the 1st time on January 3rd. I updated on the March 17th. and Now it's another couple months and almost my 30th Birthday and I thought I better check myself to see how I'm doing... So here is the newest up-date!!!

1. Take one picture a day minimum (see here) ~ it's day 137th of the year and I have missed 8 days. I have truly enjoyed doing the 1 pic/day!

2. read my 5 minutes a day devotional book everyday ~ ohy!!! I need to open this book up!!! i think it has collected enough dust :(

3. read 2 books per month (you can keep track of me on here) ~ i actually just finished a book I very much enjoyed called The Amish Midwife (The Women of Lancaster County, #1)

4. continue to blog here on blogspot~ I love to blog :) and I am so excited to be able to order my 2010 blog book from http://www.thecutestsblogontheblock.com/ I have been doing awesome with entries I had 15 in January and 8 in February, 11 March, 14 in April and 13 so far in May (well 14 now including this one)

5. getting a job I love ~ I LOVE MY JOB as a NANNY!!! I love the kids!!!

6. trying one new thing a month that I have never done. ~ CLICK HERE

7. to find a church in my area that I enjoy ~ still working on this.

8. Celebrate my 30th birhtday with those that I LOVE!

9. Tone and lose weight. Get into Shape to have more energy. ~ I have had a ton of energy up until I ended up in prime care for a lower back muscle strain. I am finally able to move without cringing but I feel great now!!!!

10. quit smoking by my 30th birthday (6/11) ~ again oh dear!!! I am getting better, I smoke about a pack every 2/3 days

11. BE HAPPY!!! I am happy!! I have decided that I am Me!!! Love Me or Hate Me. I am ME!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Camping on Friday the 13th

Went camping upnorth on Friday the 13th and had a blast.

1st time camping this year!!!

It was a little cold and woke up to rain, but stayed dry!!

Made Yummy smores!!!

Had a camp fire and enjoyed my time upnorth!!!

Have you ever seen two movies in one day???
at a theater???
I am turning 30 in a couple days {June 11th} and I have never until this past month. {MAY}.
I saw Fast Five and Priests {5/14/11}
It was raining and we decided to see a matinee for the low price of $5 per person. When we got out of the movie it was still raining and fishing was out of the question. So we decided to see Priests in 3D. We didn't order popcorn for the first movie, but we did for the second. Fast Five is an excellent movie, Priests was ok.

Thru the Years!!!

VanOrder's and Kuipers

2008 - cold, all of us there

2009 - only jared, gina and amber

2010 - freezing and took pictures late at night!
2011 - hot 80 degrees. everyone here :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tulip Time CONT'

Thursday Night our family meet the Kuipers Family downtown Holland, Michigan for pictures. {near the sixth street stage} We then headed down to the civic center for dinner. I again had a corn dog and vinegar french fries. Good thing Tulip Time only happens once a year!!!

Amber, Heather, Jared, Rachael and Gina

The Grandparents with the grandkids

Todd and Jodi with Dirk and Millie

Cindy and Craig with McKaila


Friday, May 13, 2011


Tulip Time is in Full Swing...

We have been doing so many crafts at home, enjoying the parade, eating such Yummy food, getting sun burnt, and having a blast with family and friends.

Dirk & Millie in Holland, Michigan

Dirk colored these two pictures :)

Millie and her windmill

Dirk and his homemade windmill
Amber, Heather, Jared, Rachael and Gina {5/12/11}

Dirk and Millie's Hand prints as tulips/dirk writing {5 yrs old}

Millie painting wooden shoe

Dirk painting wooden shoe

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So Tulip Time is in Full Swing....
we headed out to the Volksparade in downtown Holland.

We had a great time :)

got sunburned!!!! It was 81 degrees in holland!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


On April 23 I posted this as my status:
ok so I have a question: Can I wear white pants for EASTER????
or does that stuipd rule about no white till after memorial day still apply?!?!?!?

KS: you're so highschool... wear the stupid white pants.
ME: i was going to wear them and my sister had a fit....
KS:omg tell her to grow up. lmao
GVO: Actually I don't think anyone should wear white pants!
RB: I actually agree with GVO. I dont think anyone should wear white pants either!
CWM3: u are too funny hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
CN: I have to agree with GVO

AA: OMG this whole thread had me laughing haha
MVOH: White pants should never be worn. You are just asking for trouble when you wear them.

AA: yea like the risk of having aunt flo visit LOL!
ME: ok... I am NOT wearing white pants for EASTER!!! but beware I will be wearing them this SUMMER!!!!!
JS:I am totally wearing white pants for Easter!!! I do almost every year!!!

I did not wear white pants for Easter, but then Mother's Day came and I did not feel like wearing jeans, so YES!!! I did wear my white pants!!
So again I posted on Facebook:
To all my haters.... Yes I am wearing my white pants today!!!

{ I got 6 likes, and two comments: }
AA: LMAO! Wait there are rules ;) jk
CE: So am I so no worries! Lol

Monday, May 9, 2011

mom day!!!

Sunday was Mother's day!!!

My parents had gone to Chicago for the weekend

to celebrate there anniversary!!

My little brother and his girlfriend planned mother's day!!!

Taco's at 6pm

Happy Mother's Day!!

Kick off to Tulip Time

This past Saturday was the kick off to Tulip Time 2011 in Holland, Michigan. Being that I was born and raised in Zeeland, Michigan; Tulip Time means alot to me. I love the festival, the fireworks, the dutch dancers and the food.

On Saturday I only had to work till noon, so my friend Angie and her daughter came into town from Irons, Michigan. We headed to the craft show at Centennial Park. We watched the Dutch Dancers {it was there 1st time here to Tulip Time}.We had lunch on 8th Street at the Vendor's... YUMMY!!! I had a corn dog and homemade chips and Angie and Ashley had Pizza!! After that we headed to the Holland State Park to see "Big Red". It was a little windy but we had fun :) Then being girls we drove to the grandville mall {Rivertown Crossing} to do a little shopping and we stopped in at Buffalo Wild Wings for Dinner. I have a friend that works there, and he also went to high school with Angie!!! As we drove fast back to Holland, we made it to catch the fireworks at Kollen's Park!! What a great way to kick-off Tulip Time 2011.


On a tulip time note: I took dirk and millie's pictures...

and for mother's day I made gina {sister} a collage using these 3 pictures.

....and a few more pictures!!!

Real person, acting like a statue

Beautiful Yellow Tulips

and more TULIPS......