Monday, May 16, 2011

Camping on Friday the 13th

Went camping upnorth on Friday the 13th and had a blast.

1st time camping this year!!!

It was a little cold and woke up to rain, but stayed dry!!

Made Yummy smores!!!

Had a camp fire and enjoyed my time upnorth!!!

Have you ever seen two movies in one day???
at a theater???
I am turning 30 in a couple days {June 11th} and I have never until this past month. {MAY}.
I saw Fast Five and Priests {5/14/11}
It was raining and we decided to see a matinee for the low price of $5 per person. When we got out of the movie it was still raining and fishing was out of the question. So we decided to see Priests in 3D. We didn't order popcorn for the first movie, but we did for the second. Fast Five is an excellent movie, Priests was ok.

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