Tuesday, May 10, 2011


On April 23 I posted this as my status:
ok so I have a question: Can I wear white pants for EASTER????
or does that stuipd rule about no white till after memorial day still apply?!?!?!?

KS: you're so highschool... wear the stupid white pants.
ME: i was going to wear them and my sister had a fit....
KS:omg tell her to grow up. lmao
GVO: Actually I don't think anyone should wear white pants!
RB: I actually agree with GVO. I dont think anyone should wear white pants either!
CWM3: u are too funny hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
CN: I have to agree with GVO

AA: OMG this whole thread had me laughing haha
MVOH: White pants should never be worn. You are just asking for trouble when you wear them.

AA: yea like the risk of having aunt flo visit LOL!
ME: ok... I am NOT wearing white pants for EASTER!!! but beware I will be wearing them this SUMMER!!!!!
JS:I am totally wearing white pants for Easter!!! I do almost every year!!!

I did not wear white pants for Easter, but then Mother's Day came and I did not feel like wearing jeans, so YES!!! I did wear my white pants!!
So again I posted on Facebook:
To all my haters.... Yes I am wearing my white pants today!!!

{ I got 6 likes, and two comments: }
AA: LMAO! Wait there are rules ;) jk
CE: So am I so no worries! Lol


heidi said...

very cute! I believe I saw an episode of "what not to wear" and they said there are no rules anymore & you can wear white whenever you want so no worries. :)

Rachael said...

Thank-you Heidi~ No worries!!