Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Green beans please

Montgomery had green beans on August 24& 25. Each day he has 1/2 jar. His faces are priceless. One day off then time for bananas ... He must not have liked the texture on Monday August 27 because he only ate 40% of the half. But on Tuesday 8/28 he was a rock star. Knows to open his mouth, and swallow, then opens for more. I'm so proud of my son. He is an amazement everyday. He is not a baby anymore. He is almost 5 months old and I will be doing only monthly updates, but still including fun stuff we do and certain milestones I find that apply. I also am scrapbooking and one day when he's older the scrapbooks will be his, so I blog to continue my blog books. They are not exact except for the weekly updates... Some of the same photos are used but not all.

Friday, August 24, 2012

19 weeks

Size 3 diapers
Fussy from shots wake up now at 4 am for pacifier
Feelings : 6oz @ wake up
Noon 8 oz
430pm is 8 oz with cereal in bottle
Before bed which is 9 pm 8 oz
Total is 30 oz/day
Mommy got my 12 month clothing out on bottom rack
Im currently wearing 6 and 9 month clothing
I take a 7pm cat nap
I take a 2 hour nap normally between 1pm and 3 pm
I love chilling with mommy in bed in the am
We babysat Wyatt
My 1st swing ride at marina park. 8/15
New exersaucer from daddy cousin ,mike and Cassey
New baby Einstein from library, I love variety
Love to sit up with assistance of mommy or pillow
Lions pre season 8/10
I mimic tongues
Love to smile
I hold toys
I started passing toy from one hand to the other 8/16
1st sleepover at Noah's 8/11-8/12
Post office and library
Spanish DVD
Size 2/3 shoe
I love my snuggy for long nap and bedtime

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Squash & Apples

Montgomery wasn't a fan of cereal on a spoon, he loves it in a bottle. I know doctors say a huge no-no, but my son loves it. So I decided he was ready for baby food. We started with squash, a vegetable, and it's also something his daddy is allergic to. He loves it. Day #2, he finished the squash. & so far isn't allergic to it. We took the next day off and then it was time to try a fruit, apples. Montgomery thinks there tart, hIs face is priceless. Green beans is next, then bananas....

Friday, August 17, 2012


 Montgomery and I headed downstate on Aug 4th at 8 am to be at shower at 10 am in Zeeland. It was 3 bridal showers and montgomery's baby shower. it was so much fun. Sam and Aaron got married in January, Auntie Gina is marrying Kevin on September 22, and Emilee is marrying Colin in Florida in November.

MG got so many cool gifts, Thank-you so much everyone :) We played some pretty cool games for both showers.
After the shower we attended the Steven TenHagen Benefit dinner, yummy pig, got to meet mommies friend Jessica, It was for her daddy who had a pretty bad accident and is lucky to be alive.
Then the next day i got to use my new bulldozeer, wear my cool skull suit from auntie cara.& swim in gunlake with my cool cousins, dirk and millie

Monday Dirk, Montgomery and I chilled at nana & papa's, went fishing,watched smurfs and went to mcdonalds.

18 weeks

week 18: Aug 3-10
I had my 4 month check up
I weigh 18 pounds and 13 ounces
I am 27 inches long
I am in the 90% percentile 
I am 50% percentile for my head
I got shots : very tired, slept from 3pm - 8am {only waking for feedings}

mommy said i was very crabby and not myself for 4 or 5 days
i grab my hands, how cool
i pray with my feet
i am a bald baby
i love to play
i grab hair, necklaces, earrings, toys and fingers
i wear between 6 month and 9 month clothing
Size 3 diapers, luvs and target
had a baby shower at the bobeldyks
got to meet mommys cousin emilee, I'll see her again in November in Florida for her wedding
i sat in my bulldozer in gunlake
played and go tired in gunlake
my cousin dirk loves me, we got to hang out on 8/6
dirk said i looked like a burrrrr-ito in my snuggy
my cousin millie calls me baby
all i hear is where's baby?? from millie
i talk, coo, and babble
I am healthy
I am so funny, i love to see people, talk to people
i smile most of the time

i still have cereal in my 4:30pm bottle
i don't turn my head to boobs any more, it's been over 2 weeks :( this kind of makes mommy sad
i love baby Einstein, since i don't watch anything else
mommy sings Jesus loves me before bed, and this little light of mine
i eat about 32 ounces of formula a day, 6-8 oz at a sitting
love to shake my rattle
i know voices {mommy, daddy, auntie cara, nana, papa}
mommy did an awesome job on my playroom.
size 2 and some 3 shoes

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

17 weeks

Week 17: July 27-August 3

Size 3 diapers
Clothing 6 and 9 month
All 3-6 put away
Great grandparents Kraais visit
1st trip to twin bridges 7/27
DQ 7/27
State park 7/30
sauble river
I love tummy time
Using hands to push up on tummy
Trying to roll over
Loves pacifier
marina park 7/31
Tag blanket
Baby Einstein
Sleep 10pm -8/8:30am
I am a  full formula baby. no more breastfeeding.

16 weeks

Week 16

July 20-27
Size 2 diapers:Target
6 and 9 month clothing
Uncle JJ proposed to "auntie Cara"
A 14 year old babysitter
Slight cold:
sneeze and cough
1st motel stay 7/23
Fair 7/25
Meet Meagan @ sprint
Ladybug in Gun Lake
Love pontoon
Sophie the giraffe
Eating hands
Laugh a lot
Coos babbles talks
Loves baby Einstein
Play mat
Bumbo chair
Vibrating chair
Wiggle like caterpillar in crib
Papa’s birthday
So funny
Smile @ everyone
Lift feet to prayer

15 weeks

WEEK 15: July 13-20

Size 2 diapers: Target
1st Friday night Live: downtown 7/13
Scottville clown band with miss Debbie and mommy 7/13
Christmas in July at the breakwall 7/14
Picture in the Ludington Daily News 7/15
Manistee Water tower beach with mommy & daddy 7/17
I am so full of life
I love rattles, my play mat, my swing, my vibrating chair
I am finally LEGAL 7/16 I got a social security number
I am loving my tag blanket
7/15 spent time with daddy
Cereal in a bottle 7/14
I love to smile and laugh
I love to play in the am
I am getting on a schedule
I love to talk, coo and babble
THE S.S. Badger {got to see it}

14 weeks

Week 14:

July 6-13
Size 2 diapers: Target
Clothing: 3-6 and 6 month
Moved up staps in carseat 1 notch
Took head protector out
3 month photos
Nana and Papa visit 7/10

Grandma and Grandpa Miller 7/12
Pj: I love mommy from Diane and Pat
I shake my rattles
Daytona coke 400 ; wore Daytona outfit
Leg warmers: it’s cold at daycare
I love my mommy
I like when she sings to me

13 weeks

Week 13:

June 29- July6
Size 2 diapers
1st fireworks
House of Flavors with Auntie cara
And mommy
Auntie cara visit 7/3
Canada day
Daycare did cool chalk
3 months old
I love miss Debbie, miss teri
And miss emma at daycare
I love my swing
I love my pacifier
Mommy sings Jesus loves me before bed

I loved and slept thru parade

Monday, August 6, 2012

12 weeks

Week 12: June 22-29 15# 4.5 oz
Size 2 target diapers
Went to nana and papa’s 6/23
Hung out downtown Ludington
NO MORE 3 month clothing
Some 3-6
Started 6 month clothing 6/29
Played a lot with mommy on the floor
Song: Jesus loves me
Love pacifier
New summer sheets for crib
NEW SNUGGY… I’m getting big
Cuddle time with mommy in the am in her bed
6oz. sometimes 8 before bed and breastfed
I love to wear hats
I wear shoes 98% of the time…
MOMMY said accorize
Played on mommy’s baby blanket
Mommy thought it was time for a microwave. lol
Auntie Cara bought me a cool new swim suit and tee from the Gap
Wore my first pair of croc’s 6/25
Brandon (seth’s daddy) babysat me so mommy
And joy could go belly dancing