Friday, August 17, 2012

18 weeks

week 18: Aug 3-10
I had my 4 month check up
I weigh 18 pounds and 13 ounces
I am 27 inches long
I am in the 90% percentile 
I am 50% percentile for my head
I got shots : very tired, slept from 3pm - 8am {only waking for feedings}

mommy said i was very crabby and not myself for 4 or 5 days
i grab my hands, how cool
i pray with my feet
i am a bald baby
i love to play
i grab hair, necklaces, earrings, toys and fingers
i wear between 6 month and 9 month clothing
Size 3 diapers, luvs and target
had a baby shower at the bobeldyks
got to meet mommys cousin emilee, I'll see her again in November in Florida for her wedding
i sat in my bulldozer in gunlake
played and go tired in gunlake
my cousin dirk loves me, we got to hang out on 8/6
dirk said i looked like a burrrrr-ito in my snuggy
my cousin millie calls me baby
all i hear is where's baby?? from millie
i talk, coo, and babble
I am healthy
I am so funny, i love to see people, talk to people
i smile most of the time

i still have cereal in my 4:30pm bottle
i don't turn my head to boobs any more, it's been over 2 weeks :( this kind of makes mommy sad
i love baby Einstein, since i don't watch anything else
mommy sings Jesus loves me before bed, and this little light of mine
i eat about 32 ounces of formula a day, 6-8 oz at a sitting
love to shake my rattle
i know voices {mommy, daddy, auntie cara, nana, papa}
mommy did an awesome job on my playroom.
size 2 and some 3 shoes

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