Wednesday, August 8, 2012

15 weeks

WEEK 15: July 13-20

Size 2 diapers: Target
1st Friday night Live: downtown 7/13
Scottville clown band with miss Debbie and mommy 7/13
Christmas in July at the breakwall 7/14
Picture in the Ludington Daily News 7/15
Manistee Water tower beach with mommy & daddy 7/17
I am so full of life
I love rattles, my play mat, my swing, my vibrating chair
I am finally LEGAL 7/16 I got a social security number
I am loving my tag blanket
7/15 spent time with daddy
Cereal in a bottle 7/14
I love to smile and laugh
I love to play in the am
I am getting on a schedule
I love to talk, coo and babble
THE S.S. Badger {got to see it}

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