Friday, August 24, 2012

19 weeks

Size 3 diapers
Fussy from shots wake up now at 4 am for pacifier
Feelings : 6oz @ wake up
Noon 8 oz
430pm is 8 oz with cereal in bottle
Before bed which is 9 pm 8 oz
Total is 30 oz/day
Mommy got my 12 month clothing out on bottom rack
Im currently wearing 6 and 9 month clothing
I take a 7pm cat nap
I take a 2 hour nap normally between 1pm and 3 pm
I love chilling with mommy in bed in the am
We babysat Wyatt
My 1st swing ride at marina park. 8/15
New exersaucer from daddy cousin ,mike and Cassey
New baby Einstein from library, I love variety
Love to sit up with assistance of mommy or pillow
Lions pre season 8/10
I mimic tongues
Love to smile
I hold toys
I started passing toy from one hand to the other 8/16
1st sleepover at Noah's 8/11-8/12
Post office and library
Spanish DVD
Size 2/3 shoe
I love my snuggy for long nap and bedtime

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