Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ALS icebucket challenge

I was nominated by my little bro to do the ice bucket challenge!!! I did it- and nominated chuck and 2 of my housekeepers!!!! The all did it :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

1st time BOWLING!!!

Our local bowling alley, before school starts offers $1 days!!!! $1 for shoes, $1 for games, $1 pop and $1 hotdogs!!!!
They put the bumpers up for us and gave u the handicap ramp to roll the ball down!  We met Shayna and Nevaeh there!!!

They even have toddler bowling shoes!!! What a fun/cheap way to have fun!!!


Montgomery's 1st tubing trip down the sable river in Ludington, from the Dam to Lake Michigan!!!
Wish I had photos from the trip! We saw baby bass, other small animals, and fish, threw rocks, and floated! It was such a peaceful day!!!


Friday we went to China Buffet for dinner
Then we went to see the SS Badger go out!!!

What an amazing Friday Night!!!

Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys!!! Lennox and Montgomery had a great time playing outside!!!


Has it really been 3 years? Kurt you are loved and missed by everyone! You were one hell of a guy! We went to visit the milarch's (Duane and Becky)-- Montgomery loved playing outside!!!!
Then went to manistee and it started to rain... So we played in the rain!

Nana Visita

Wednesday, nana came to visit, we went to Jknes in Baldwin for lunch.
Did some shopping in Baldwin and Ludingon, and then went to Applebee's for dinner!!!
What a great day!!!! Thanks Mom: Nana for spending the day with us! We love you!!!

State Park & day off

Sunday after daddy dropped Montgomery off, we headed to go swimming at ye State Park, hamlin lake is way warmer than Lake Michigan.
Monday was my 1st day off in 11 days--- we slept till 8am
Then he was jump roping with a broken mardi gras necklace
We colored and painted!!!! Read stories, played with toys and had an amazing day!!! And then just like that it's bed time!!! Montgomery was rocking and singing to me!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Western Michigan Fair

Then Friday, Montgomery and I met Danny & Lily and the 3 youngest kiddos, Johan, izzy, and shawnny!!! At the FAIR!!! It's hard to believe that at 2, this is his 3rd, western michigan fair, and 4th overall fair (last year we also did ottawa county).
I got him a wrist band!!!! He rode everything that he could!!!!!

Then we fed the camel and animals
Then we got some ice cream
And then Lily and I rode a ride!!!!
We saw all the animals in the 4H barn, but by then my camera was dead... So no pics :(
Then we watched the ending of the motocross and ran I to Zoe.
It was gettng late, so we headed out and home, he was asleep before I even hit the main road.

Montgomery goes to his daddy's every weekend, due To my work schedule... So this lucky boy, got to go to the FAIR, twice!!!!!
Here are some photos that chuck sends me...
Looks like Montgomery has no fear and loves the FAIR!!!!