Monday, December 23, 2013

Daycare Party

Montgomery love his daycare and I do too... For the Christmas party they were without there helper TT, her husband passed away. So I volunteered to help. We made trees with sugar cones, frosting, and lots of toppings!!
We got miss Debbie this gift...
Thank you Pinterest: Christmas and a greatful high-five... Thank you to all of the many HELPING -HANDS that you have made in our lives. Because you are so special and we appreciate you this season enjoy the gift!!!

Gloves: when you slip your hands inside, feeling the soft cozy warmth makes you smile, knowing that's how you make us feel, we appreciate you and wish you a very merry Christmas 

Cup: thank you for keeping us hydrated with learning, play and songs.

Disinfectant: thanks for promoting a  attitude

Kleenex: you soften my load, thanks for wiping years and noses.

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