Thursday, May 22, 2014

GR Children's Museum

On Wednesday , May 21st, my friend Lindsey and I both had the day off!!! She wanted to get out of town, so we decided on Grand Rapids, a day trip to the GR Children's Museum. We also did lunch on 28th Street, at BWW!!!
We love our Children's museum here in Ludington, so we thought it would be an experience to see a different one. It was a nice place, a lot of the same things our has to offer, a larger space (pros and cons), its a little more pricier, and you have to pay for parking. Staff is very friendly, and My son, Montgomery and Lindsey's son Lennox ( both 2) had a great time and slept the whole way home!!!! The museum had a fun area, which is a featured exhibit......

It was a  great day, well spent!!!!

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