Saturday, April 14, 2012


Montgomery's 1st easter was our check out date from the hospital. Papa and Nana came to pick us up and then we headed to Gina's for an Easter Cookout . Papa then took us home to Ludington where Daddy met us at home. {good thing this mama planned ahead, and bought outfit and easter basket.} A HUGE THANK-YOU to CARA for driving all the way to Ludington to pick up his easter stuff. Monty got a easter book, a rubber ducky, bib and candy (for mommy)

Montgomery's easter basket from NANA and PAPA

Kisses from millie {Millie calls you BABY}

kisses from your cousin DIRK, who loves you so much

Gina and her kids & me and my son

Auntie Rachael and Dirk

MOMMY and Montgomery's 1st EASTER

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