Friday, January 10, 2014

21 months old

...and just like that, my baby turned into a toddler and is that much closer to turning 2. Happy 21 months old Montgomery!!!
You are you!!! And I love you for that!
Your funny! You laugh all the time!
You are a great eater, not much you don't like! You love yogurt, string cheese and spaghetti. Apples and bananas, peas and green beans!
You love cars and trains! Balls and boxes!
You pretty much only drink milk!
Your red/ginger hair is growing!
You have 12 teeth and starting to teeth again!
You love your pacifier and tag blanket and your blue/brown Carter's blanket, it's so cute to see you rub the silk in between your fingers, and up to your nose!
You love baths and shower!!! But have to have toys and bubbles!
You say poopy when wet or dry and bring me a diaper!
You LOVE the SNOW!!!
When I say get your boots, you get yours and mine! Such a big helper!
Lately when you throw a fit, you lay on the floor, on your back! It's kind of cute and hard not to laugh!

I cannot believe your growing up SO fast... Time is flying by! I feel like I was just pregnant with you, then you turned 1- now 2 is fast approaching!!! I love you Montgomery Gene!!! You make my world turn!!! Xoxo Mommy

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