Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 of today, I am 30!!

I have been scared and nervous to be turning 30,

but now I rejoice and am super excited to be 30!!!

I have a good life, I have my health, my family and friends!!
I have learned alot in the past 30 years. I have learned to live every day, it might be your last. I have learned to love, to cry, to say NO, I have learned to let go, I have seen my little sister have 2 beautiful children. I have seen angels go to heaven. I have moved {alot}, I have been out of country & to tons of states. Gotten Married & Divorced. Got dumped and broke a few hearts. I have made mistakes { I am human}

Scrapbooked and took pictures, so I can remember what my past 30 years look like. I love that I can look back at scrapbooks and see where my life has been. I am excited about this next chapter in my life as I am heading into a new decade.

So if you happen to be in the Manistee Area Tonight

we will be celebrating my 30th Birthday!!!

AS I GET ready to turn 30 on Saturday, I thought I would stroll down memory lane and remember the past 10 years. OH DEAR ME!!!! My 21st was celebrated with my friends in Bear Lake, My 22nd I was busy planning a wedding, My 23rd we were camping with church, My 24th we went to open houses and out for the night, My 25th I was FAT!!!! LOL..., went to my parents for dinner and cake. My 26th was a bad birthday! {My fault}, My 27 was Fun and celebrated at the BARN on US31 until someone showed up {LONG STORY}. My 28th I celebrated with a friend in Copemish, and with my family at the races and served papers :) My 29th was a blast with CWM3, Car show, farmers market, LRCR suite, and then this year 30th {Having a Party}!!!

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