Wednesday, January 4, 2012

99 days left...

It is hard to believe that I only have 99 days left of this pregnancy, it has gone so fast. I still feel like it was yesterday that I read a positive test.

Did you know that a full pregnancy is 280 days and I found out on day 36, which meant when I found out I had 244 days left and now I'm down to 99 :)

On Sept 6Th I entered my 2ND trimester, and thought my morning sickness would get better, but boy was I wrong :( It got worse.
November 22ND, We found out we were having a boy and decided to name him Montgomery Gene Miller. Gene is after my dad, who passed away in 1986.

My 24Th Week I celebrated Christmas and Montgomery got spoiled, and my 25Th week I rang in the new year!!!

As I get ready to enter my 26Th week, tomorrow, and my 3rd and last trimester on January 19Th. I have a lot of big events on my calendar, My little cousin is getting married on January 13Th, My last day of work is the 27Th, and moving on February 1st.

Time has gone by fast, and I hope that the next 99 days go smooth and fast. I can't wait to hold Montgomery in my arms and kiss his sweet cheeks.

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