Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Isn't it amazing how ONE YEAR makes a world of difference!!!

I have been Dirk and Millie's Nanny for One Year, and one have a few weeks left!

Here's the difference one year makes:

Dirk graduated Preschool and is now loving Kindergarten everyday!!

Dirk is a big kid and loves showers more than Baths!

He learned how to ride without training wheels :)

He can write his whole Alphabet {upper & lower}, and is reading.

He is a super boy, I love our conversations!!

I love his hugs, and he hugs Montgomery.

He is a cuddlier, and the most thoughtful boy I know.

Dirk loves oranges and popsicles

He loves Juice and not a big fan of H2O


Millie went from a highchair, to booster seat, to chair

Millie grew hair :)

She learned to talk, and become a DRAMA Queen

She loves to sing {more like humm} Her Favorite is EIEIO

She loves cowboy boots

She can pick up her own toys

Millie loves her BABY {and she has like 20 of them}

He favorite word is "DUKA" which in English is MILK CUP

I have had a great year with Dirk and Millie, I will miss seeing them everyday, but ready to be there AUNTIE again :) With Special Visits and Spoiling them with Gifts!!! I'm kind of teary as I write this, I love these kids, like there my own :) They are great kids!!!

WOW!!! one year, where did time go???

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