Monday, January 9, 2012

Jan 8~9

I had Sunday, January 8Th off of Work, so I headed to Cadillac to meet Paislee, the daughter of my friends Ryan and Brandi. Paislee was born on Christmas Eve. Paislee is so tiny, born at 7 lbs, 5 oz. she is smaller than Millie's baby dolls. It was fun to hold her and watch her sleep. Makes me kind of nervous awaiting the arrival of Montgomery. The hospital actually lets you take this little thing out of the hospital. They don't come with instructions. Oh dear!!! I know I'm worried for no reason, but she is so tiny and beautiful

Then I headed to LRCR, CWM3 and I had hotel reservations. We had a beautiful 1st floor, courtyard room, I love having a door to the courtyard, a little nicer in the summer, but Sunday was a beautiful sunny day! It was so nice to let loose and relax. We went swimming, went to China Buffet for Dinner, played a little, and relaxed in our room. We had to do an early morning Breakfast at the Willows, because I had to leave by 93oAM to be on time for work. It was a peaceful day, spent with people I love and care for.

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