Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So dirk got Lego's from Nana Yesterday, for halloween,and when he woke up he wanted to build his new lego boat. he asked me to help. I HATE LEGO'S!!!! but being the good Auntie/Nanny that I am I helped dirk build his lego boat. It took about 45 minutes and the boat was complete.... He loves it and is so proud of it!!! After he was done he had to pick up his living room, he found a penny and gave it to me. "Auntie, here, this is for you for helping me build my boat, I love you." and in that moment I had to remember it's not the fact that I HATE LEGO'S, its the bonding moment I had with my 5 year old nephew. "I love you too Dirk!"

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