Thursday, November 21, 2013


I am so blessed to have such an amazing daycare. This isn't his first daycare. When Montgomery was 5 weeks old, May of 2012, I started working and I quick found a daycare without doing my homework! I stopped in to see him his 2nd day, and I pulled him from that daycare. I looked online to find another daycare, most were full until I called Debbie's Daycare! Deb, the owner said we could stop by later that night, and he could start tomorrow! It's 5 minutes outside of town, on a dirt road. Debbie has become part of our family! We see her 3 times a week at the least, many phone calls, the love she shows Montgomery and myself. Deb was there with her arms wide open to give us a place to stay after we left Holland. I'm so blessed to have Debbie, her family and her helper Teri in our lives!!! Thank you!!!

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