Sunday, November 10, 2013

11/9 (part 1)

Well Saturday 11/9 was a super busy day! Off to Cassey's, to do up-do's... Here are a few:

Then off to change into what I was wearing and then cruising to scottville for last minute touch ups!!!! I met chuck and Montgomery there. My friend Cassey married chucks cousin mike!! So we #coparentingourchild. The wedding was beautiful. Mike has 4 children from a pervious marriage and Cassey and mike have 2 kids together. (Total 6: they are all good kids). So after the wedding while the photographer was takin photos, the kids played/ran wild. So I snapped some photos of the cousins/2nd cousins:

Then it was off to the reception:

It was amazing day for Mike and Cassey's wedding!!! I ha to leave early at 8:30pm, for girls night, a block over at the mitten bar!!!!

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