Monday, June 18, 2012

8 weeks

8 weeks old: 5/25-6/1
weight: 14 pounds
length: 24 inches long
diapers: size 1
clothes: 3, 3-6
1st camping trip to Nurnburg (hamlin lake) 5/27-5/28
1st Memorial Day
mommy taught me eskimo kisses and butterfly kisses
I growl and snort
I coo and laugh
I love to smile
1/2 bottle and 1/2 breast
my 1st carwash 5/27 I slept right through it.
I like my swing and vibrating chair
I like my playmat
I love kisses from mommy

I have chubby cheeks
I am a good baby
Im very well behaved at work with mommy
I sleep in my snuggy

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