Tuesday, June 26, 2012

11 weeks

11weeks : 6/15-6/22
weight: 15 pounds & 4.5 ounces
Diapers: size 2: pampers and Target
clothing: 3, 3-6
You love to smile and coo
you kick your feet all the time: sometimes you kick one leg and it knocks you off balance and you scream
your first gus macker 6/16
you found your tounge this week; its so funny!!
You love to suck your hands
You actually like your pacifier :) bonus!!!
father's day
meet some new friends and spent time with them:
Joy/son seth, 1 year old: neighbors {took 2 hour walk}
Liah/ son Connor, 22 months old {played outside by work}
1st day of SUMMER
You love vibrating seats
You love baby einstein
Had dinner with the Settlemyres at old hamlin {maddie, max and molly kept you occupied}
You drink 6 oz. in a bottle or both of mommies boobies.
you love to look around and up
tummy time is now fun...
you love your swing, with and without music
i rock you in my arms to sleep and then put you to bed singing jesus loves me, and as i walk out i say mama loves you
You sleep 7 hours at night little man.. and mommy is so excited
when you wake up at 6 or 7, you chill in bed with mama
You enjoy your bumbo
At daycare you sit in play seat, such a big boy.
You very rarley spit up after being fed.
Your very good at work with me
I love you so much Montgomery... where has time gone???
I scheduled your 3 month photos.... So excited :)

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