Wednesday, June 20, 2012

10 weeks

10 weeks: 6/8 - 6/15
weight: 14 pounds
length : 24 inches
diapers: size 2 {6/8}
Mommy cannot believe how big I am : growing so fast, mommy has put some 0-3 clothing away since it no longer fits :(
I'm a good helper while garage saling. I chill in my stroller
My 1st pontoon ride 6/8
Road Trip to Nana's and Papa's 6/8
nana babysat me so mama could go out for a drink with uncle JJ and Auntie Cara 6/8
got to see great nana and great papa bobeldyk 6/8
I went swimming in GUN LAKE 6/9
Mommy taught me patty cake and ittys bitys spidar
Songs: Jesus loves me, EIEIO, who put the bop in the bop shu bop
I'm still a bobble head, but neck getting stronger by the day
I love my carseat and stroller
I look silly in sunglasses
I finally got to wear one of my 6 bathing suits: yes, 6 my mommy is a great garagesaler :)
Mommy and Daddy took my to see the North Breakwater lighthouse in Ludington 6/14
Ludington State Park with mommy and daddy 6/14
My MOMMY turned 31.. Happy Birthday Mommy
Riverwalk in Manistee 6/11
I'm supporting the MIAMI HEAT in the FINALS

***This is a picture my nana/mom took while we stayed at their house***
 Montgomery: Mommy loves you so much!!!

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