Sunday, October 16, 2011


So Friday, August 12th I decided to take a pregnancy test that I had bought 2 weeks ago, and since my period was late, I figured it was time. After collecting my thoughts, I texted Chuck saying "Good Morning Daddy" and about 10 minutes later he called. This is a nervouse time in our lives. But we are super excited about this little one joining us in April 2012.

Just to be safe I took a second test Friday afternoon, just to be safe.

{again.... POSITIVE!!!}

Saturday I took another one, since I had two more laying around


... and on SUNDAY the last test since I figured it will be expired by the time I will ever need it again.

{ok I know I am not the only one to take more than one test}


Courtney and Heather said...

I did the same thing... took test after test cuz i couldn't really believe it. Actually Courtney wanted me to take more and more test. IT's just cuz we're excited :-)

heidi said...

So exciting! I hope you're feeling well! I took 2 tests with Hudson because the first one was a real faint positive & I was sure I was pregnant & I had another test that I would never use again.. so the 2nd was a for sure positive:) one of my friends from college took 5