Friday, October 21, 2011

DAY # 294

My Goals for 2011: See my Progress Here

1. Take one picture a day minimum (see here) : I have been doing a horrible job @ this. I must be in a slump. I'll try harder from now on.

2. read my 5 minutes a day devotional book everyday: I am working on this. :(

3. read 2 books per month (see here) : Doing good. Reading ton's of Pregnancy Books and have Read the 2 newest of Karen Kingsbury.

4. continue to blog here on blogspot : I love to blog, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Now that I am Pregnant {Due April 12th} I hoe my blog will be more exciting.

5. getting a job I love : I still love my job. I am sad and excited as February gets here and I start my new adventure. I love D and M :) they make my JOB so easy!!!

6. trying one new thing a month that I have never done. : I totally forgot about this... I still think I do more than one new thing a month. It's fun to be able to try new things.

7. to find a church in my area that I enjoy : I haven't accomplished this goal yet :( I hope by the time I move and become settled I will. I want my child to grow up in a church.

8. Celebrate my 30th birhtday with those that I LOVE! :I had a blast for my 30th Birthday!!!

9. Tone and lose weight. Well I guess by Getting Pregnant, I can't lose weight, oh wait I have :( I am hoping to stay healthy during this pregnancy. It's a little hard due to so many restrictions and bed rest but I still chase Millie :)

10. quit smoking by my 30th birthday (6/11) : As most of you know I did NOT quit smoking by my birthday. But when I found out I was pregnant I had cut way back. At my 6 week ultrasound I had a big scare and QUIT!!! I have not smoked since.....

11. BE HAPPY!!! : I am 100% Happy!!!! I am 15 weeks Pregnant, doing great, Loving Life. My family is Awesome. My sister is Wonderful and I love spending time with Dirk and Millie.


Kylea said...

Cute pic! I love your white jacket, where did you get it from?

rachael said...

It's my {sisters} She got it from Maurices Last Season :) It's a great piece!!! and I am blessed that both my sisters and I can all share clothes. {Jacket is cara's, my brothers girlfriend, they have been together 6 years and I consider her a sister}