Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ladybug Party

Millie turned two!!!

Gina planned a Ladybug Birthday Party!!

I got to help and it was so much fun :)

Pin the spot on the LadyBug {Thanks DAD for drawing the LadyBug}

Each child got two spots. Older kids were blindfolded and spun around.

Cupcake toppers I designed, and cut out. taped to toothpick.

Silver wear holder I designed and cut out...

LadyBugs made out of Ritz Crackers, cream cheese, pepperonies cut in half with a black olive

Red Boxes that I added black spots to with marker,

added googly eyes and a leaf with each child's name on it.

We bought artificial grass, used junior mints, licorice, and M&M's to decorate.


Courtney and Heather said...

Love the crackers, they look delish and are making me hungry!!

rachael said...

They were so YUMMY and so EASY to make :)