Thursday, June 5, 2014

John Ball Zoo

On Saturday, May 31st, we headed downstate to John Ball Zoo!!!!
This is our 2nd time there!!!! But we took daddy with us!!!!
It was a nice hot day, we drank lots of slushies, packed our own lunch.
Got to touch the stingrays...
Rode the funicular down!!
Got to feed the birds
And pet the goats!!!!
Way more stuff was open now, then in October, but way busier!
And the water fall was on :)

He played on the choo-choo!!!!
And got to see tons of fishies!!!!

It was a fun day!!!!

Then we headed to Jamestown for my little cousins open house! We got to see a lot of family members, including my grandma & grandpa.
After the open house, we headed to the Grandville Mall to go to Dicks and ride the carousel, and play on the tree house!!!
It was then time for Jammie and to head home!!!! What a great day!!!!

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