Friday, June 13, 2014


Cant believe I'm 33 already!!!! I still feel 30, just with a 2 year old!!!! LOL
The night before my birthday, we were at Lindsey's and she gve me my present :) a necklace and bracelet!!!! Thanks Linds'
The day of my birthday June11th, my mom, sister and nieces came to town!!!!
Lindsey and Lennox joined us for lunch!! 
We went to house of flavors!!!! Yummy!!!
I got cards and gifts!!!!! from my sister, I got a sister cup and auntie sign!! 
My mom gave me some spending money and a camouflage scarf!!! 
Thanks everyone!!!
It was a gloomy, rainy day! But we still managed to some shopping downtown Ludington...
What a fun afternoon!!! Thanks mom and Gina for driving up north!!!!
Then chuck came to get us and thru the FOG, we watched the SS Badger come in!!!
Then chuck took Montgomery and I to El Rancho for dinner!!!
Jen stopped by with balloons and a gift!!!!
Then wrapped in Pink camo was my 2012 BLOG BOOK!!
Then a quick trip to a meijers!!!
What a great birthday!! Now to wait for mom to upload more on Facebook!!! 
She took some nice photos... 
Thanks for all the Facebook messages, and timeline happy birthday's, 
instagram comments, phone calls and texts!!!!!  
I felt so loved!!!!!

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